10 Motivational Quotes from “Brains vs Capital”

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The Entrepreneurship Online Training offered by the Entrepreneurship Campus is one of the key components of our platform. The lessons empower people of every age and all over the world to change the way they think and to create a mindset that paves the way towards a sustainable future. By learning new skills and how to develop knowledge, online training helps the members of the Entrepreneurship Campus to create and share values and behaviors, and to find innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable world.

The content of our free online training comes from Guenter Faltin’s bestselling book “Brains versus Capital”. If you enjoy the lessons, here are 10 quotes from the book:

  1. Our society needs start-up entrepreneurs – and not just a few; to the contrary, we need as many as possible. A kind of people’s entrepreneurship.
  2. Now, it is certainly a good idea for a company to engage and work on the issues that concern the public – and thus its own potential customers.
  3. One kind of entrepreneur is like a surfer, filled with enthusiasm for the sport, and with optimism in the face of a challenge. For him, it is a pleasure to be in the wind and the waves, which are taken as positive challenges. If something goes wrong, the surfer gets back on his surfboard as quickly as he can and keeps going. He learns from his mistakes and does not experience setbacks as defeats.
  4. Tens of thousands of “Masters of Business Administration” are leaving our institutions of higher education. Where are the “Masters of New Ideas”? We should not discourage the few we have, or the even smaller number brave enough to start a new company, and we should not turn them into business administration dilettantes.
  5. When you work tenaciously to achieve a goal, using as few resources as possible, many ideas will gradually be reduced to the essence of their entrepreneurial concept.
  6. Start with an idea that you have had for a long time: What irritates me about some products?
  7. Marketing must go hand in hand with the development of your idea; it cannot be an afterthought, a mere add-on. Marketing is an integral component of a sound entrepreneurial concept. It should not be, “We’ve got a product – now how are we going to sell it?
  8. So look for a field of your own and start to analyze it. What principles could change the conditions in this field to your advantage? Don’t let yourself be deterred by well-meaning friends and acquaintances who don’t want to believe that you have found something that works.
  9. Even small ideas can have a big impact as long as they are good ideas.
  10. The notion that founders must be able to do everything is a relic from the last century – actually the century before last. It is high time to give it up.

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  1. Thanks for this motivation it has really offered me Hope that every good idea starts with a step.

  2. So educating regarding to entrepreneur life journey.

  3. I really like motivational quotes vs brains especially quote number 1 which encourages the startup entrepreneurs. This is very true that the world needs more start up entrepreneurs than just entrepreneurs because it shows how deeply we believe in other people’s ideas and give them a chance to implement those ideas.
    I for one the I dear of bank for entrepreneurs will help in addressing the issue on non capital for ideas. We would like to be different ,we want to be the first bank which offers start up so that people should not be afraid to dream

  4. This right here, Made me become more critical in view business wise I mean. Thanks guys

  5. Thank you for the motivation and knowledge you give us every day

  6. awesome ,and very interesting thank you very much for the enlightement

  7. I am really blessed by your teaching. Thank you.

  8. And one of my favorite quotes from the book is that from Pablo Picasso – ” There are painters who make the yellow spot out if the sun
    But there are others who through their artistry and intelligence make the sun out of a yellow spot”.

  9. If your work is facing some problems , be determined and improve it regularly
    Because “A broken star brightens everything”….Iram A

  10. Powerful quotes from the engine room itself. Thank you for sharing campus administrator

  11. “Marketing must go hand in hand with the development of your idea; it cannot be an afterthought, a mere add-on. Marketing is an integral component of a sound entrepreneurial concept. It should not be, “We’ve got a product – now how are we going to sell it?”

    This is quotes are everything to me. This article has made my day. it is my belief. Thank you campus administrator for sharing

  12. Boniface kimotho Karanja

    05.09.2020 · Reply

    Helpful,powerful entrepreneur book for idea development,evaluation from assumptions to facts,a clear exit strategy to a refined idea with appropriate tools,skills that ensures the derived business plan is sustainable!

  13. Awesome thanks for this great motivation.

  14. Powerful quotes, but the wonderful thing is that as we decrease the scale of economic activity, we actually increase our own emotional well being. That is because at the deepest level localization is about connection. It is about re establishing our sense of interdependence with others and with the natural world. And this connection is a fundamental human need.

  15. Your efforts at strengthening our cultures are not unnoticed! Fantastic works brain vs capital!

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