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Goals of the Entrepreneurship Foundation

“entrepreneurship for the many and not for the few” (Prof. Günter Faltin)

The entrepreneurship foundation was founded in 2001 by Prof Günter Faltin in Berlin, Germany with the goal to empower and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to start their own business in a sustainable way: fair for the consumers, fair for our planet, fair for all employees and – of course – fair for the lifestyle of the founder. We regard entrepreneurship as an innovative tool to solve problems. Amongst other activities, the foundation offers a masterclass (in German language) for emerging entrepreneurs that work on their own entrepreneurial idea, organizes the annual entrepreneurship summit with more than 1500 visitors and offers workshops throughout the year on entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is the creative and daring activity of people that forms the basis for starting new businesses. This requires special cultural conditions, role models and attitudes. The attitude of “doing something” and the greater openness to entrepreneurial initiatives must become a matter of course.

A “culture of entrepreneurship” therefore deliberately includes people such as artists, outsiders or committed fellow human beings, who up until now saw no opportunities for action in the world of business, nor seemed suitable as stimulators and actors. Such an understanding of entrepreneurship goes beyond prevailing traditions. The economic and cultural development of society is also dependent on entrepreneurial initiatives that not only constantly tickle out new needs, but respond to existing problems with economic, social, and artistic imagination:

Entrepreneurship as an open, creative act inviting matter.

Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to work with unconventional ideas and perspectives in order to participate successfully in economic life and break down established structures. Such approaches rarely arise in day-to-day operations. Creative action needs a creative environment, which is more typical of the artist’s work.



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