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Here’s another selection of motivational advice and quotes taken from Brains versus Capital by Guenter Faltin. The content of our free online training comes from Faltin’s bestselling book “Brains versus Capital”.

  1. “Problems are a wonderful hook to develop ideas for their solution. For beginners: while most people are annoyed when it starts to rain, the entrepreneur says: now is the best time to sell umbrellas.
  2. “In an information society capital is found in people’s brains, and only secondarily in the bank.”
  3. “We have argued that the process of developing an entrepreneurial design is similar to composing a piece of music; it is a process in which you continue to hone, polish and refine until everything is in tune and every false note has been eliminated…..I’ve chosen the figure of the composer because successful entrepreneurs often don’t invent anything new, but rather take things that already exist and recombine them in a different way, that is, they assemble existing components to create something new.”
  4. “Sometimes it’s necessary to make a radical break with familiar ideas. Until about 1890 all attempts to fly were based on observing birds in flight and devising constructions that imitated the flight of birds, that is, apparatuses with movable wings. The breakthrough for flying came about very differently, with fixed wings. It was fixed wing construction that succeeded in working with either pull (propellers) or later with push (jet engines).”
  5. “The old question was, ‘What do I need to establish my company and organize it successfully?’ The new question is, ‘What new thing can I compose out of modules that already exist?’
  6. “The principle is ‘Get big, but remain small.’ This is the advantage of making use of large, efficient units without having to establish and operate them yourself. Your company grows, but the core activity that you control remains small, and thus coherent and manageable.”
  7. “You should choose a memorable name that is as simple as possible and not let yourself be dissuaded too quickly by statements like “That won’t work” or “There’s one like that already.”
  8. “Today the belief that size and efficiency alone are sufficient has faded. Companies of a certain size are no longer agile enough for many processes. In contrast, attention is turning to small, flexible units. Today’s entrepreneur doesn’t need much more than a laptop and a cell phone.”
  9. “Don’t give up your day job, your old occupation, until your own idea concept proves to be sound and sustainable. Wait for your concept to prove itself.”
  10. “Never have the conditions for successfully implementing one’s own ideas been as favorable as they are today. Modern markets, contracted services, and the Internet make it possible for small companies and one-man/one-woman businesses to become viable market players with calculable financial outlays.”

If you feel motivated and you have an idea or project join the Youth Competition, the Tourism Competition, or the General Competition.

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  1. Adeyemi Gbenga

    10.05.2019 · Reply

    Am inspired

  2. It feels as though you knew my issues and were talking to me personally. An eye opener for me.

  3. I’m very inspired. I already submit my idea and I wait for comments and voting. Thanks.

  4. Great inspiring advices, thanks!

  5. As a young entrepreneur, I feel your deam must live beyond what you see on the surface. You start a business to last into the long distance future….your goals and vision should be long lasting. Mesuring your successes based on trust from would be customers.

  6. Great to see that youths from all nations of the world are driven towards a common cause, ”Empowerment of the Youths”; this is great and with a collective force the world can now see us as active players in the transformation of our own new world. Remember, we are valuable assets of the future and should not be left out of future plans. “Indeed, work for or Towards IT!”

  7. I am sometimes confused why is it that leaders of the world or governments have good plans for the future sustainability of the world but sometime forget that the assets they are trying to protect are not the rivers, minerial deposits, forests, roads, etc….how useful will these be if the future generations are not impacted for a change or marginilized or excluded….don’t rule out the youths, we all have equal rights to positively impact our lives…..thanks to the The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition for letting the world know what matters most.

  8. Nice read. Do vote for my idea guys “THE PITCHING APP” on my name
    2. View my profile read about my idea and drop comments for my idea guys.
    I really want to share my idea with the world and bring it to life.

  9. Ephraim Ali Abutu

    24.05.2019 · Reply

    Practically speaking, this competition is not just organized to empower young innovators but to also educate and guide budding entrepreneurs on how to think creatively and be an ardent observant in their various environments and turn their ideas into global want program. All these I have learned from participating in this competition. And also, taking part in the Campus Online Lessons, it was impactful and educating. I urge all young leaders to go to the campus online and take the lessons.

  10. I am truly inspired and motivated

  11. Thank you much for always inspiring and teaching me in particular.

  12. Hello greetings everyone,my name is Nkem menkoah Elvis Atemnkeng,a young aspiring social entrepreneur from Cameroon who is so passionate about persons with disabilities and vulnerable persons,for this reason,my idea “DISABILITY INCLUSION” was accepted for the ‘Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2019’
    This idea will go a long way solving the problems faced by persons suffering from disabilities,which are,Education,Health,poor just to name a few.
    Disabled persons consist a minor portion of the world’s population but the most ignored and neglected.As someone suffering from a disability,its always my pleasure to see our society creating space for such persons to showcase their Abilities out of their Disabilities.
    I therefore deemed it necessary to plead on you reading this message to help vote for my idea by commenting through the link below,thank you in advance,An Idea remains an Idea not because of Failure but because of FEAR to Fail,your help will transform my Idea into REALITY

  13. Thank you for the advice, I am really blessed.

    Please support my idea “Positive Change”.

    I am Lomotey Francis Korsi,
    My idea, “Positive Change”, was nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Ideas 2019 category. Please read my idea at and consider supporting my idea with comments and votes!
    Thank you.

  14. Really nice quotes. Made me think about my ideas and what I can do to innovate and create something new.

  15. “You should choose a memorable name that is as simple as possible and not let yourself be dissuaded too quickly by statements like “That won’t work” or “There’s one like that already.” The latter part of the quote is a problem in many people. I was one of them. We shouldn’t doubt ourselves too much.

  16. Paule

    13.07.2019 · Reply

    Hum on dirait que vous êtes entrain de me parler….c’est tout moi…..merci

  17. My 7 Proven Tips for Young Entrepreneurs to Start Off Strong are:
    1. Find your passion.
    2. Know your market.
    3. Get your finances in order.
    4. Prepare to make sacrifices.
    5. Find a mentor.
    6. Tune up your business knowledge.
    7. Be a planner.

  18. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
    Eleanor Roosevelt

  19. Impressive.
    One must do her work with devotion. Then her success is in her hands.

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