Advice on the Voting Process

Dear members of the Entrepreneurship Campus,

As may know, July is the last month you can submit your ideas and projects for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2017. There is time until July 31 for getting your entry reviewed, accepted and published in the respective category. If you have questions about this stage of the competition, regarding the registration process or who can enter please find more information here or contact [email protected]

How to have a good start of the voting process?

The voting process officially started on May 15 for all the published entries. In the meantime, all the users that have submitted for second stage an idea/project that was or will be approved must publish it. There are many users, whose idea/project was approved, but they cannot find in the specific category and ask for support. You as the owner of your entry can change its status from unpublished to the public. Afterward, the entry will be listed among all the other published ideas/projects.

This is the time for you to start promoting your entry. We have explained in previous posts that you can find on the blog and news page, on our Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages, how to promote your entry and what to do for being among the finalists. Find here how the ten finalists are determined.

You have to engage with other members, read their entries, and write meaningful comments, suggestions, and recommendations that can help them to improve their ideas.
The number of free online courses and exercises on entrepreneurship education that you have completed.

What you should know about voting and commenting

Ask Questions. Do Not Judge.
If something about the entry you are interested in is not clear to you, please formulate your comment in a form of a question. Readers would also like to hear from you WHY you find an entry useful and interesting. Be positive!

Encourage Dialogue
Take your chance to engage in a constructive dialogue with entrants. You are encouraged to build community on the competition website.

Do not insult and blame
Insults or blame won’t be tolerated. They will be deleted.

A fair voting process

Now that you know how to promote your entry and get your friends to vote, you must also learn about some important voting rules. Users can only vote once a day from one individual IP address. We use a voting system with various security backup mechanisms to recognize whether or not someone has voted in a fair or unfair manner. Each attempt of vote manipulation will result in the disqualification of the entrant and the remove of his/her idea/project from the competition.

We thank you all for your engagement and wish you the best of luck with your ideas and projects.

Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

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  1. This is indeed awesome

  2. Thank you for this wonderful information. I hope everyone will benefit from this campus.

  3. I appreciate all who have voted for my project, those who are going to vote and to all

  4. Thank you for this update admin, it revealed a lot.

  5. Anonymous

    08.07.2017 · Reply

    Thanks for understanding information

  6. It is true that the users can only vote once a day from one individual IP address ,but nowadays we are hearing people who have never voted and want to vote for the first time, the button to vote doesnt appear and others don’t arrie to vote again after 24 hours . It is better to inform the people who are voting the remaining time so that they can know when to vote later . For example the person votes at 12:00 today and the system informs him to return tomorrow at 12:00 so that he knows that it has already passed 24 hours since he voted. It will be better.I said this because we aresupporting projects/ideas in this platform but there is two days that I don’t arrive to vote for my favorite projects/ideas.

    Yours faithfully.

  7. Yes this is helpful.I have read some useful information.I hope others will also find it useful.thank you

  8. Anonymous

    10.07.2017 · Reply

    Campus Manager

    Please help, unfortunately I place unpublish button, so my project is not visible in the public help me my project to be visible am excited

  9. Me and my voters we are só sad because voting it becomes a miracle .I m receiving the feedack to my voters everyday The voting button is rarely accessible!!! Even 7 days go by without the votting box being available for most of my voters.They know that the Users can only vote once a day(24 hours ) from one individual IP address. Before it was easy to vote

  10. The voting button is rarely accessible to most of my voters .Not only for the users who re
    already voted but for most of users who re trying to vote for te first
    time in an individual IP adress .Today i complete 8 days go by without the
    votting box being available for most of my voters only the orange button
    when you click doesnt do anything as it was before some message about the
    vote was appearing (Done-thanks for voting or you re already vote for this
    idea ) .

  11. i don’t know what is happening with my project .

  12. Anonymous

    13.07.2017 · Reply

    Campus -Manager
    Thanks for reply my question about visibility of my project, the problem solved

    But, there’s another issue arise this concern, voting process sometimes the page available sometime not

    So am begging, to check what’s wrong, because everyday, I receive SMS, email and comment in my facebook page that the webpage not available especially the code words-captcha

    Only bar shown (1-10) available and many voters think, if click the button the vote will change, so I beg again solve this problem to reduce tension and misunderstanding


  13. Anonymous

    13.07.2017 · Reply

    Campus -Manager

    Thanks for your initiative of taking our concern in consideration, on top of website ,there’s a message, state that you’re doing every effort to make sure the voting problem are solved,

    Thanks for that

    We are waiting in good faith

  14. Once again another reminder on successful voting process.

    Thank you Campus Administrator

  15. Thank you for the reminder campus admin. I am reaaly impressed with the constant reminders

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