Announcing Finalists in Best Ideas, Youth Category

Dear contestants of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, we are happy to announce that 40 finalists for the 2021 edition of our competition are now public. The ten finalists in each category were selected according to the “Personal Activity Indicator” algorithm.

Between the four categories, there are pupils, high school and university students, young and adult professionals who are motivated to change the world for the better through entrepreneurship and the power of new ideas and projects

The ten finalists of this year’s edition in the Best Ideas Category for the Youth Competition are listed below:

  1. “Sustainable agricultural production” the solution to global food insecurity
    Ladi Bulus, Nigeria
  2. The Thermal Floater
    Sparsh, India
  3. Beri-nut Nutrition status Data Management Application
    Bruna Njeba, Cameroon
  4. The Nature, Recycling, and Durability
    Irakoze Jimmy , Burundi
  5. Biofertilizers for improved agriculture
    Frank Damas Masinde, Tanzania
  6. Fresco
    Brilliant, Ghana
  7. Improved egg-laying chicken rearing and egg powder production
    Uzakira Samuel, Rwanda
  8. “BioV” – Strategy to Alleviate Indigenous Communities from Cancerous Herbicides
    Joy-Ananya-Monika, Canada
  9. Developing Communities
    Lin Pyae Hein, United States
  10. Vizion Z Renewables
    Team Vizion Z Renewables, India

Congratulations to the finalists!

A big thank you goes out to all the contestants!

What happens next?

The finalists, who have not included a video in their entry submission, will be able to upload over the next ten days. You can upload a video for up to three minutes in any video streaming service and then post the video link to your entry. Make sure to post it by 19 November.
The winners of the 2021 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition will be announced on 10 December, during an online ceremony.

Find below each of the finalists’ ideas:

Best Ideas 2021

Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

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  1. Thanks to the whole team of Entrepreneurship Campus for all the efforts.
    I would like to congratulate all the participants and heartly give the best congratulations to the finalists. May our courage grow day by day and stay dreaming and realizing what the World really need to hold sustainability
    and durable lifestyle.
    God bless anyone among us for the next program. thank you!!!

    • Leandre NDAYISENGA

      11.11.2021 · Reply

      Goodmorning dear champions of Citizen Entrepreneurship Campus!
      I really say thank you all for the consistance you made for the competition and congratulate the finalists; and i heartly congratulate you Mr Jimmy Irakoze for your courage to show us that Burundi young generation can contribute through innovations to a whole world development by thinking about such idea and being recognized.
      I Sincerly hope your luck can’t stop by here!! May you will be among this year’s winners.
      God bless your mind and be with you to the next program!!

  2. I heartily thank the Entrepreneurship Campus for this opportunity. It has been a long competition, but there has been so much to learn and do for anyone who was an active participant. I go forth from here happy I made it this far, expectant for the next stage, and open to a future with better entrepreneurial skills and approaches.
    Way to go Entrepreneurship Campus, I am grateful.

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