Announcing the 2019 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Finalists, Best Projects

Entrepreneurship Campus finalists

The Entrepreneurship Campus, the organizers, and partner organizations of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition are pleased to announce the shortlisted finalists in the Best Projects 2019 category


Best Projects 2019 Finalists


  1. Bibieandrea Services Venture
    Blessing Ikiseh, Nigeria
  2. Crochet Hub Africa
    Lambisia, Kenya
  3. Project Save Nigeria Technical Colleges
    Oluwatosin Adeosun, Nigeria
  4. Future Seeds
    Vinícius Bastos de Sousa, Brazil
  5. African Centre for Participatory Governance
    TSAGOU Essobiou Kpatcha, Togo
  6. Eyesaver
    Kritin Vongthongsri, Thailand
  7. DIGITAL PISARAL (Pisara+Aral)
    Jamie Jimenez Cerrero, Philippines
  8. Insightful Edutech
    Ephraim Abutu, Nigeria
  9. Chalk Production
    John Paul Wamala, Uganda
  10. Innovative Participation in Conservation and Poverty Alleviation (IPaCoPA)
    Mushana, Uganda

Find below each of the finalists’ projects

Many thanks go to all the other participants! We hope that you enjoyed this experience and gained the knowledge to get started as an entrepreneur and change maker.

Congratulations to all of you!
The Entrepreneurship Campus Team

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