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Applications Open for Youth Climate Summit in New York

Youth climate action

A considerable number of ideas and projects submitted to the Entrepreneurship Campus competitions champion SDG 13: Climate Action. If you’re among them, this can be for you.

A great opportunity has opened up for young people all over the world, innovators, entrepreneurs, change makers and activists involved in climate action. Find more below on eligibility criteria and event details.

The United Nations opened the applications for the Youth Climate Summit in NYC on its headquarters on 21 September and announced ‘Green Tickets’ to recognize young people driving Climate Action all over the world.

“To recognize the vital role of young people in driving climate action, the UN today announced that it will offer over 100 “Green Tickets” – funded opportunities for young people, in particular from the least developed countries, to participate in the Youth Climate Summit. The Green Ticket will include travel to and from New York – which will be carbon neutral,” it was said in the official press release issued on this occasion.

Moreover, it says that applications for the Youth Climate Summit will be accepted until 19 July. Youth between 18 and 29 can apply through the Youth Climate Summit website which also includes information on participation in the Summit for youth under 18, recognizing the powerful role younger people are playing in countries around the world.

Young people around the world can apply to attend virtually from their communities or in person.

Based on the press release, successful Youth Climate Summit applicants, including recipients of Green Tickets, will be selected on the basis of merit – including a demonstrated commitment to climate action and problem-solving – as well as considerations of need. The allocation of Green Tickets will ensure that youth from all regions of the world have an equitable and realistic chance to participate in the Youth Climate Summit.

“Applications will be assessed by a panel led by the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth. The panel will include experts from within the UN and from civil society with experience across the Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting the interdependence of climate action and sustainable development,” the announcement says

The Youth Climate Summit precedes the Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit, which will take place at UN Headquarters on 23 September, and comes just a day after the Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike on 20 September, where an unprecedented mobilization of young people from the global south and north is expected to declare the global climate emergency.

For further information and application details, visit the Website


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  1. Thanks for sharing this on this platform.This will be very useful for some of the contestants in this year Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition,we can as well share this with some of friends who are really helping our WORLD to improve through CLIMATE CHANGE campaign.

  2. Indeed on Youth Citizens Entrepreneurship Competition, opportunities abound. Ideas/projects on Climate Change start applying now!!!

  3. This a great opportunity for climate change start ups. I must admit that climate change has done more good than harm so far and is likely to continue doing so for most of this century.

  4. Climate change is the cause of the numerous problems facing the world. If we all use practices that mind our environment, we won’t have these problems.

  5. This is a beautiful opportunity for many among us who wants to find solutions to tackle climate problems and implement them. I thank you for informing us.

  6. climate change is a very important problem that needs an urgent response thanks the information.
    solutions must be implemented.

  7. this is a great opportunity to those who are trying to save the ecosystem and its living. the earth is being destroyed they need to take such great initiate. thanks for sharing for those in this category glab the opportunity and all the best guys

  8. Thomas kj Lebbie

    08.07.2019 · Reply

    I want to be part of this summit

  9. There are many who don’t believe in climate change. The fate of earth’s climate is now in the hands of young generation people. A congregation of bright young minds can lead to a solution that may actually solve this problem in the future. This is a great chance for all the owners of climate based projects to show their fervor and ability.

  10. Mercyline Kerubo Onwonga

    09.07.2019 · Reply

    Climate change is a requirement for everyone to contribute to if we want a significant change. Those with ideas on this share and apply it will help however little you may think it is.

  11. Great opportunity for youth worldwide.

  12. Great opportunity, I will subscribe for it. Thank you for sharing this!

  13. Climate change or global warming is a requirement for everyone to contribute to if we want a significant change. Those with ideas on this share and apply it will help however little you may think it is. Goal 13 can be spur and combat by planting trees around our environment and also walking and sustainable energy. From me Ephraim Essien (2019 participant on Best Idea) (GREEN RIBBON)

  14. Climate change or global warming is a requirement for everyone to contribute to if we want a significant change. Those with ideas on this share and apply it will help however little you may think it is.

    I think the best way to combat it is by planting trees, and walking and biking around communities.

    By me (Ephraim Essien) (2019 Youth Entrepreneurship Participant on Best Idea ) GREEN RIBBON

    • Yes, you spoke the truth. I absolutely agree with this. And I take my full responsibility to forge ahead with all green.

  15. Alex Nze

    20.07.2019 · Reply

    Let’s save the world by promoting biodiversity, the use of renewable energy, and a more sustainable production and consumption pattern. ‘
    Climate Action…A Race We Can Win, A Race We Must Win’.

  16. Climate change crisis is no longer an unfamiliar issue for everyone. When nature can give so many resources to us selflessly then we should also reciprocate the same via our love to her. But this can only be possible when we come out of our comfort zone and think about self, others and sustainability.
    We should (whenever it is possible) use public transport to travel, methods of car pooling etc. Via this we will save a hell lot of traffic and prevent pollution.
    Ofcourse then, we have cycles to travel our bodies. These things are most important to school and university going students.

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