Apply for Africa’s First Climate Education Leaders Fellowship

Deadline: May 12th

Are you passionate about climate change and environmental education?
Are you a resident in Africa between the ages of 18-35?

If yes, you’re eligible to apply for the Climate Education Leaders Fellowship.
Today we are sharing an opportunity for our Entrepreneurship Campus members, the contestants of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, and all your friends from Africa.

Organized by EcoChampions, the Climate Education Leaders Fellowship is going to be the first program of its kind in Africa. It is now looking for motivated young leaders from across the continent who are passionate about climate education and environmental sustainability.
EcoChampions has a noble goal that caters both to climate action and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). It plans to train 5,000 individuals across Africa to become Effective Climate Leaders by 2050

Find out more about the program requirement HERE.

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  1. Bathsheba Musonda

    08.05.2022 · Reply

    Thank you so very much for this opportunity

  2. this is a life changing opportunity for our wounded continent

  3. Usman Aliyu

    09.05.2022 · Reply

    Wish to apply to be part of this great environmental education

  4. Usman Aliyu

    09.05.2022 · Reply

    Being an active Environmentalist here in Nigeria residing in Maiduguri Borno State, I have been acting on climate change mitigation and creating awareness on the effects/impacts of socioeconomic activities and anthropogenic activities which causes numerous Environmental problems on the Environment.

  5. This a great opportunity for me as a youth champion climate leader. I hope being part of program it will help ke to be the agency for change in my community since climate has hit as a lot and has bring a lot of negative

  6. My name is Christiana and am passionate about the environment it’s self am looking forward to learn and share more on climate change issues eg mitigation adaptation and reselience measures and many more on climate change issues.

  7. Julius Samuel Chilembwe

    12.05.2022 · Reply

    Julius, residing Lilongwe capital city of Malawi, I have been creating awareness on how climate smart agriculture solutions such as organic farming can reduce environmental harm and increase food security in my community. Being part of this program will sharpen me up and add more knowledge and access to reach out to more people in my country.

  8. This is good issues which help us to combat with the environmental problems .am interested with this fellowship

  9. Great Opportunity?, oouupppppss but I am 37 so….

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