Apply for MassChallenge accelerator, win 1 million CHF

MassChallenge is (non-for profit, no equity taken) one of the biggest and the most start-up friendly accelerators in world. With several acceleration programs running successfully in Boston, Israel, London and Mexico, MassChallenge has launched an acceleration program in Switzerland!

Any early stage start-up or just a team of people (or even an individual with an innovative and high impart idea) can apply for MassChallenge acceleration! Selected projects will participate in the 4-month acceleration program in Lausanne (Renens), they will have free office space, access to the prototyping and wet lab, coaching, mentoring, networking, access to international investors and international markets. We also provide the teams coming from abroad with housing. The best projects will be able to win valuable prizes (up to 1 million of CHF in-cash and in-kind).

If you feel ready to become part of this accelerator, read How to Apply.

For more information, read the MassChallenge FAQ.


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  1. Very interesting! Thank you to share it with us!

  2. wow, It is awesome and that is something i have been looking for!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing this information.

  4. Wao. Enterpreneuship campus you are the best. Helping your beneficiaries to access other competitions is quite awesome. Campus members you need to read these blogs and take up the trainings.

    Reading this article, I have decided to check up the MassChallenge accelerator website and if they are on, surely I will apply. Thank you Campus competition for linking us to other competitions.

  5. Great I appreciate this encouragement. Campus competition you are wonderful. Informing members of other competititons truelly means you are geneuinely interested in lifting others. Thank you for this opportunity, I will definitely exploy this information.

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