Are You a Winner or Not a Loser?

A lot of people, me and you included, like to play, and players in this life are mostly divided in two main groups. Those who play to win and those who play to not lose. At first blush, the latter sound like ‘what am I doing here?’ while the former are more like “Let’s go for it”. But this is not the point here. Both of the above mentioned groups have the same goal. They do keep the eye on the prize, even if the way how they get to it is completely different. But how?

Here’s a simple example.

If these people would be offered the chance to to hear a story or watch a movie, the first group would prefer a motivating history of success while the second would chose a history of failure. You may be thinking, what wrong with them? Why do they need to be so gloomy and at the verge of depression?
The two choices tell one thing. These people want to learn from others. The first need to hear stories of success and the second want to know what can prevent them from achieving their goal. These two types of people fit in different careers given that each of them has specific strengths and weaknesses.
An accountant will always try to be accurate or worried that the things will go wrong. You may think ‘That’s obvious as long as accounting is so boring. They’re not creative thinkers who need to innovate in order to succeed etc, etc.”
But what about the case when an accountant or auditor or an actor with a business idea poised for success decide to become entrepreneurs? The first may be a master in doing business, risk management and they speak the business language. Meanwhile, the second always thinks about new ways to get things done, breaks the rules, takes risks and seeks knowledge.
Both of them have the traits that would make a great entrepreneur. What about you? Why do you play? Can you link the creative mind with the business mind? If you don’t know yet, here at the Youth Citizens Entrepreneurship Competition you can learn a lot from other people’s stories and polish your entrepreneurial skills. Join a community of thousands from all over the world that learn from each other and play to win.

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  1. Really interesting.

  2. Great story. Great lesson campus competition. Thank you immensely. It has kept me thinking what game I am playing why in this campus. Gosh I must play to win in both sides

  3. A combination of the two side of coins is a necessity also in my opinion. Campus members we need weigh the both sides, strike balance and keep being focus.

    Thank you campus administrator for this interesting and thinking stimulating article.

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