Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

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Entrepreneurship is an amazing journey. The reasons that prove it are countless just like the reasons that convince people to jump into entrepreneurship. It is a culture that has a strong motivational power. With the exception of a few ones, most people are not 100 percent sure if this is the right path for them. There are a few ways to find out if you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur. Can you ask yourself the following questions and decide?

Are you passionate enough?

At first, it takes a lot of passion and enthusiasm. These traits will keep you motivated in moments of doubt and push you through tough times when you will start asking yourself if you made the right decision. Are you patient and motivated to follow things through?

What’s your risk appetite?

If you sleep on the floor, you won’t fall, we all know that, but in entrepreneurship, you need to jump and learn to fly. Risk and reward go hand in hand and if you don’t like risk, maybe this is not the right path for you. Yet, you can become the best version of yourself.

Are you a good decision maker?

Being your own boss means that you will need to make a lot of decision that varies from simple to highly difficult. If decision making is difficult when you start, it will only get harder when you have clients and employees depending on you. How to be a good decision maker? That is another story.

Are you ready for more responsibility?

Your list of responsibilities will soon start to look like a never-ending story. You may need to learn new skills in finance and accounting. Are you ready and open to learning?

Would you sacrifice your social life?

You don’t like the 8-5 five workdays. As an entrepreneur, you may need to work seven days a week, even during weekends and holidays. At some moments it will be difficult to keep a life-work balance. Are you ready to dedicate all your time to work and not make time for friends, and for your hobbies?

How to gain an entrepreneurial mindset and the Entrepreneurship Campus?

Entrepreneurship feeds on innovation, creativity, passion, dedication, flexibility, confidence, and many other skills. Even if you may have a low-risk tolerance or struggle to master a life-work balance, you can learn on the way. Entrepreneurship is considered to be the solution to many problems, even to those that you face every day in your city or community.
Here at the Entrepreneurship Campus, you can gain an entrepreneurial mindset by taking free lessons. You can discuss ideas and solutions with members of the campus from other countries. Finally, you can try to make a change by staring your own idea or project. You can provide a solution that tackles a concerning issue and one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Submit your ideas and projects, and be part of The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2018 if you meet the requirements. Read our competition guidelines and if you have questions or need support with your entry, contact us via:
[email protected]
[email protected]
fill an inquiry at Need Help section in your profile menu.

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  1. It a journey for those with out mother! As Yoruba’s will fondly say. The decision to be an entrepreneur is the decision to face life as it is with unique approaches.

  2. Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey that requires you to use that part of the brain you have never used before, it allows you to get out of your comfort zone to find innovative solutions to problems your society faces on a day to day activity. A clear description is like jumping from a plane without having your parachute on and expect to live when you reach the ground. The ones that survive are those that have the ability to connect dots in a more precise manner.

  3. miorseer

    19.04.2018 · Reply

    Yes I am cut out to be an entrepreneur. The journey is for those who are willing to succeed no matter what. It’s not a place for the lazy.

  4. Amrita jain

    28.06.2018 · Reply

    For me an entrepreneur should have a great mutualistic relationship between his/her heart and mind.
    Mind will work as a road map and Heart will work as a internet connection.

  5. This is very true. “Your list of responsibilities will soon start to look like a never-ending story.”

  6. OMG. This are mind blowing questions. Was I able to ask myself of of them and respond accordingly? Is something I need to do. However, I am convince this is the right path for . The feeling of chuncking out so many ideas to be implemented to solve different problems aroung me sometime makes me to ask “Is this same me?. Being in this platform has made me to see things differently. Finance to implement all my ideas may be an issue right now but I am sure it will not take long

    Thank you campus competition

  7. Entrepreneurship involves being open to learning. Learning from every and any experiences that comes before you. It needs a lot of sacrifices which is not very different from our involvement in the youth citizen competition

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