How to Create Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainable landscaping sounds like a hobby or a recreational activity you can do in your backyard, especially during a lockdown. Yet, it goes far beyond building your garden in a better way. To understand this, let’s start with your yard,

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How to Adopt Climate-Smart Innovations

With a world population of about 7.8 billion there is a huge need for solutions that help guide actions that guarantee the sustainable development of crucial systems as the climate is changing. While the world population is growing, the land

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World Peace Dedication Ceremony

Join Building Peace and COVID-19 Webinar

The World Peace Forum and the Schengen peace Foundation organize ‘Building Peace and COVID-19’ live webinar on Wednesday, May 27th at 17:00 hours CET. The event calls upon some of Luxembourg Peace Prize’s Laureates, past, and present, to provide an

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The SDGs and Conservation Entrepreneurship

With the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, it is clear that a lot goes into building a sustainable world. Reduced inequalities, decent work, quality education, no poverty, etc. – but all of that is nothing without preserving the very lands we

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