Alternative Sustainable Agriculture Methods

It’s time for nature, isn’t just a motto that calls for action for ecosystem and biodiversity protection on World Environment Day. It is a reminder that nature is on the verge of a breakdown if we don’t reverse biodiversity loss

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Entrepreneurship Campus

Online Education and Lessons Learned from COVID-19

With schools starting reopening locally or nationwide in many countries, it’s important to not neglect the lessons learned during lockdowns. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted inequalities and emergencies in the global education systems. Marginalized groups, children living in poverty or conflictual

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Bad Habits of Young Entrepreneurs

Getting into entrepreneurship at a young age can have many advantages even though age is no limitation for the success of a business. In general young people tend to have more time and fewer preoccupations compared to adults while on

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How to Create Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainable landscaping sounds like a hobby or a recreational activity you can do in your backyard, especially during a lockdown. Yet, it goes far beyond building your garden in a better way. To understand this, let’s start with your yard,

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