How to Get Started with Sustainable Fashion

If you want an example of how much damage the textile industry can cause, just look at how cotton farming dried up the Aral Sea Starting a clothing line that complies both with sustainable and ethical principles it’s an opportunity

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Green Startup for Sustainable Recovery

Green startups start with innovating production lines and continue with nurturing a culture of life cycle thinking that has sustainable development at its core. Green startups are commonly considered as a tool that could boost socio-economic recovery and sustainability while

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Benefits of Being a Young Entrepreneur

There are countless reasons why people decide at a certain moment in their lives to start their own business. Some see a good business opportunity, others feel challenged by several issues. They may have an education and set of skills

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The Role of Startups in Economic Recovery

The operations of many innovative startups and SMEs worldwide have been facing the existential threat since the COVID-19 outbreak. However, it was the existence of e-commerce, video-conferencing, and digital health startups that made possible the unexpected switch from what once

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