“Brains versus Capital” a Book that Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Read

“Brains versus Capital” now for sale as an e-book from best-selling author Gunter Faltin!

“Many believe they know how to do it, but very few actually try. Even fewer succeed. There is something wrong in the way we go about starting new companies. There is an alternative: create your own idea-masterpiece as a collage or puzzle made from existing pieces; construct your company from pre-existing components that are freely available to everyone.”

This is only one of the lessons that Guenter Faltin shares with his readers. Go to the link and get the ebook for only 5.90 Euros. The content of our free online training comes from Faltin’s bestselling book “Brains versus Capital”.

We wish you an enjoyable read!

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  1. Mmmhhhmm I shld get a copy of this one.just reading your quoted headlines makes me want to read the whole book and gain a more knowledge on entrepreneurship.thank you manager.I always thought I know everything about entrepreneurship but after being part of this wonderful platform,I realised I still have a lot to learn.I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity

    • Sure, I have tried to,,but I managed to have account their next time I must reach this book, his course of “Convert work into fun was my best then ” What real motivate the founder” Prof. G.Felt in, You have helped me.
      Thanks in advance.

  2. Wow.., I will definitely look into it.

  3. i guess this would be interesting to better develop my knowledge capacity

  4. Can’t wait to read the book.thank you author

  5. I sure will

  6. I hope this should be amazing book, but am not lucky, that I can’t get it as there is no online payment methods in my country.

  7. I find your entry extremely interesting indeed.

  8. This is quite a great book. I have learnt a lot and still learning

  9. Brain versus capital. It is book for every wannentrepreneurs and i encourage every campus member’s to read this book.

    Thank you youth citizen entrepreneurship competition for this great opportuntiy

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