CEC22 Finalists Announced: Best Projects, Adult Competition

We are delighted to announce the finalists for the 2022 Edition of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition! Congratulations to everyone who made the shortlist.
Each ear the CEC uplifts innovative and creative people of all ages who want to challenge common assumptions that entrepreneurship is a domain of people living in wealthy countries with a certain level of higher education.

Our contestants have the opportunity to integrate free entrepreneurship training with the SDGs to bring useful business ideas, initiatives, and projects that support local communities and circular and sustainable economic models.

See who made the cut in the Best Projects category of the Adult Competition!

  1. Kuzimba Services
    Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi, Uganda
  2. Waste management and its recovery for agriculture, energy production, biogas in Chad
  3. Frutiferas MZ
    Amratlal Chakil Talaquechande, Mozambique
  4. Innovative Catfish Farming Training Project
    Kolem Emmanuel Fomonyuy Latar, Cameroon
  5. Best Candidate
    Gino Herring, United States
  6. Using Some Agricultural Products to produce Flour
    Asong Mirabel Ngongang, Cameroon
  7. Poverty Alleviation and Wealth Creation
    GAMBO GARBA, Nigeria
  8. Empowering unemployed youth & women in Haiti
    Frantz ONE, Haiti
  9. Organic vegetable production
    Ngwantshabu Bridget Mkhondo, South Africa
  10. Menstrual Cups
    Kefilwe Ndubo, Botswana

Congratulations to the finalists!
A big thank you goes out to all the contestants! Find all the nominated projects in the Adult Competition here: Best Projects 2022

Find below each of the finalists’ projects:

Best Projects 2022

Best Projects 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted ‘Submit your Project’ category. All the entries consist of innovative projects run by existing enterprises in the form of businesses, NGOs, or informal programs.


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    25.10.2022 · Reply

    very grateful for this appointment. the way remains to be done. I also wish very good luck to all those who have been nominated and congratulations also to all the participants who participate in this challenge. Everyone is a champion. Thank you to the contest organizers.

  2. I want to apologize for this concern, I went as requested by the nomination email to improve my project and I find that there is rejection on my project. Please help me find a solution for this. Thank you all.

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