Code of conduct – How to comment and vote


Instruction guidelines

Many thanks for commenting on the entries nominated for the competition! We occasionally receive comments that are unrelated to the competition. Those comments won’t be posted. We also request users who wish to comment and engage in a dialogue with entrants to strictly follow the Code of Conduct as outlined below:


Make constructive comments:

  1. Ask Questions. Do Not Judge.
    If something about the entry you are interested in is not clear to you, please formulate your comment in the form of a question. Readers would also like to hear from you WHY you find an entry useful and interesting. Be positive!
  2. Encourage Dialogue
    Take your chance to engage in a constructive dialogue with entrants. You are encouraged to build community on the competition website.
  3. Do not insult and blame
    Insults or blame won’t be tolerated. They will be deleted.

We look forward to lively and productive discussions.


Voting guidelines – Fair Play!

WARNING! There are occasionally some attempts to manipulate our software in order to generate more votes for a particular entry. Make no mistake! We are able to track ALL activities on our competition website! Each attempt of vote manipulation will result in the disqualification of the entrant and the removal of his/her idea/project from the competition.

We are also grateful for reports from users who have identified some voting irregularities and fraud attempts. We use a voting system with various security backup mechanisms to recognize whether or not someone has voted in a fair or unfair manner.

  1. By prompting the IP address via which the user accesses the internet.
    When you are on the web, you are assigned an IP address by your provider. This acts as the name of your computer for the period you are surfing and the IP is generally changed once per day. The voting tool recognizes the IP address and sees whether this has already been used to cast a vote. If so, it is blocked until a new IP address is assigned.
  2. Via the login of the user who wishes to vote
    With this method, the voter first registers before he/she can vote.

Our tool uses this approach as it cannot be easily abused. To abuse it, a user needs a large number of e-mail addresses, so that s/he can register multiple times and is able to vote by logging-in and out with each address. However, we are easily able to track such kinds of practices. Our response will be very strict and clear: we will delete all votes made in this manner from the voting spam account used in this way, and depending on the individual case, remove the entry and disqualify the entrant from the competition.


The following voting rules apply:

  1. Every person that has an existing email address can vote. Every contestant that has an idea or project published should know how the voting process works and how to explain it to his/her voters. In order to have a fair voting system, a double opt-in email confirmation is required. Every voter should fill and submit a signup form that includes the email address and captcha code. The user receives a link via email and after clicking the link, the user has 15 minutes to vote on the ideas and projects that he/she likes. When the time session expires, the user can’t vote again for 24 hours.
  2. By commenting and recommending it to friends, s/he can help the entry to get many more votes.
  3. In case we notice that a nominated entrant, its voters or others abuse this rule, the respective entry, as well as the accounts of the voters, will be excluded from the competition and removed from the platform. Make no mistake! Our software system tracks all activities on the competition website.

We will enforce these measures without prior warning and keep a close look at the ongoing voting activity on an on-going basis. We will analyze server activity daily and thoroughly. We request all users who recommend others to vote to communicate these guidelines and Code of Conduct.

We look forward to a continuing fair voting process and wish every success to all ideas and projects posted on our competition website!


Member Profile: How to vote tab


How to Vote

All the entries nominated for the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 are eligible for votes and comments after they are PUBLISHED (June 1st, see the Timeline) and listed respectively in the Best Ideas 2022 or Best Projects 2022. Every user can access his/her entry at ‘My Ideas/ Projects’ page but it is also possible to find the entry on the above-mentioned pages. Each of them features a map with all the entries that are public.

Ask people to vote for your entry!


Important: There are many users that share the link with their voters that they receive in the confirmation email. You need to understand that this link is related to your personal email and if you share it with other people, they will be required to register or log in.
You can find the link from your idea/project to share in the confirmation email in your mailbox or you do this instead:

  1. Go to Best Ideas 2022 or Best Projects 2022 depending on the category of your entry.
  2. Find your idea/project in the map, click it and copy the link.

Example link for ideas:
Example link for projects:


Remember: Publish your entry, find it at Best ideas / Best Projects 2022, copy and paste the link.


The voting process

Every person that has an existing email can cast a vote for the ideas and projects published in the respective categories for the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2022.


Follow these steps:

  1. Pick one idea or project that you want to vote for
  2. Enter your email
  3. Click ‘Verify Your Email to Vote’
  4. Check email and click the link (also check your spam folder)
  5. Afterward, you have 15 minutes to vote for every idea and project that you like
  6. When the voting time expires you can’t vote for the next 24 hours.



Unregistered people that want to comment will have to enter their email and name along with their comment. After clicking ‘Post Comment’ they will be required to confirm their email.

  1. Click the link received by email and the comment will appear.
  2. In the meantime, the comments made by registered users will appear under their username.

If you face any issues or have questions don’t hesitate to ask for support: Send a message through the „Need Help“ page or send an email to: [email protected].