Competition guidelines

Before you enter the competition, make sure you are eligible to participate. Please read the conditions for participation carefully – Who can enter.

How to proceed

First step:

Register online and create your account!   We will send you an email confirmation. Please check your spam folder. You must confirm in order to activate your account.

Second step:

If you want to submit an idea, go to Submit an idea!

If you want to submit a project, go to Submit a project!

Fill out and submit the preliminary entry form.

Then wait for a response from the competition administrators.

Entries are reviewed by the competition administrators of Stiftung Entrepreneurship Berlin and Digital Experts United. Only those entries that meet a certain standard and pass the preliminary screening will be invited to provide more details about their idea/project in a second entry form.

The status of an entry can be checked in your profile menu under “My Ideas/Projects”. All saved and submitted entries are saved in that area and can be accessed again any time.

Notice! Rejected entries may be refined by the entrants and can be re-submitted up until the entries deadline.

Third step:

If your idea/project has passed the preliminary screening, you will be requested to fill out and submit the second entry form.

Entries (ideas and projects) will be posted online on the Entrepreneurship Campus webpage. Entries can be viewed by the general public, but can currenly only be commented by entrants who have submitted an idea or a project. Entries (ideas and projects) can also be commented by the general public once the voting starts on 15 May, 2017.

You may refine your entry up until the entry deadline (31 July 2017) to reflect the comments and recommendations received. You may also support your entry by submitting a video presentation of your idea or project (up to 3 minutes).

Important advice! You are encouraged to interact with the Entrepreneurship Campus online community, to refine your idea/ project, and to comment constructively on other entries. You are also invited to take the free online courses at the Entrepreneurship Campus.

Important notice! The finalists will be determined according to the following ‚Personal Activity Indicator’ algorithm:

  1. The entrant’s personal engagement among the Entrepreneurship Campus community by commenting and giving advices to other entries.
  2. The number of meaningful comments the entrant’s idea/ project has received from the online Entrepreneurship Campus community.
  3. The number of online courses and related exercises in entrepreneurship education (9 courses in total) the entrant has taken. The online training is free of charge.
  4. Special assignments the entrant has done. Special assignments in entrepreneurship education will be given to members of the Entrepreneurship Campus as the Competition goes onward. Special assignments will be posted on the News & Blog webpage.
  5. The number of votes the entrant’s idea/ project has obtained by 31 August, 2017.

The ‚Personal Activity Indicator’ clearly and deliberately rewards entrants who participate actively within the Entrepreneurship Campus. A bar will be displayed at the top of each single entry once that entry is accepted and posted on the Competion website. This bar ‚measures’ on a scale of 0-10 (0 stands for ‘no activity’ and 10 for ‘excellent activity’) the activity factor of each entrant in relation to all other entrants’ activities within the Entrepreneurship Campus. In that respect, the beam of the bar (0-10) may not permanently increase as the competition goes onward, but can also decrease again, depending on the entrant’s active engagement in comparison to its fellow entrants within the Entrepreneurship Campus online community.
(The weighting of the five determinants above are not made public, in order to avoid some manipulation).

If you do not want to submit an idea or a project, you are still encouraged to join the Entrepreneurship Campus online community by registering online and sharing your comments and finding new friends.

Selection of the winners

Entries will be posted on the competition website and are subject to online commenting and public voting.

10 finalists in each of the two categories (Best Ideas category and Best Projects category) will be determined according to the ‘Personal Activity Indicator’ algorithm mentioned above.

Finalists are requested to submit a video (max 3 minutes) of their idea/project (if they have not done so yet).

From among the finalists, the judges will make the final selection of three winners (Grand Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize) in each category.

Entries will be evaluated based on their entrepreneurial vision, feasibility, innovation, leadership, social impact, and sustainability, among other factors.

The People’s Choice Prize will be given to the entry with the largest number of votes in each of the two categories.

In addition, an Entrepreneurship Campus Prize will be given to three entrants who have demonstrated outstanding ‘entrepreneurship spirit’ by actively taking part in the Entrepreneurship Campus.

Please see the Competition Timeline at the top of the page.

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