Don’t miss the Deadline, Submit Your Entry by September 15th

Don’t miss the deadline to enter the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2022! The closing date is fast approaching – Thursday 15 September. Below you can find details on submitting an entry or completing a saved application.
Important. All entries, ideas, and projects have to pass through a two-stage review process and approval to become nominated for the CEC22. Only after going through this two-stage process the nominated ideas and projects will be published in the respective category under the Youth or Adult competition. Then they can be voted and commented on by the public and the CEC22 contestants.

Note: The deadline for votes and comments is October 15

How to submit an entry?

All the general information on how to enter, the age limits for the Youth/Adult competitions, and differences between ideas and projects are available HERE.

Entry Submission Process

This is a simple process. You are required to fill in a form with the following fields:

Title or name of your idea/project
Summary of your idea/project. This requires a short description, max 100 words. It’s not too short. Don’t worry about the details. You will have the opportunity to add more information in the next stage. Thus, there’s no need to link a pitch in the entry summary.
Choose the Sustainable Development Goals that your entry addresses
After filling in the fields mentioned above, you will notice two orange buttons that say Submit and Save.
If you click submit, your entry will be sent for review and you cannot make further improvements or changes to the added summary.

When you click save it will be saved as a draft and you can access it on the My Ideas/Projects page.
Here you can check how it looks to others (currently it is not public) with the View button, or make changes by clicking the Improve button.
That’s what you have to do now that the deadline is approaching.

If you click submit, we will receive the idea/project.
Be sure to submit once and in the right category. If you submit the same idea/project more than once or in both categories, only one will be accepted.

After you submit an entry it will be reviewed within 24 hours, and you’re going to receive an email that confirms the status of your entry, accepted or rejected.

If it is accepted, the entry was successfully moved to the second stage review of the competition. You will have the opportunity to work on it more. When you go to My Ideas/Projects and click “Improve”, you’ll notice other fields where you can explain your entry in detail and later submit it for the second stage of the contest.
You’ll receive another email after you resubmit the entry with the review result. If accepted, it will appear in the Best Ideas/ Projects 2022 category.

My Idea was rejected

Don’t worry! This isn’t a final decision. Read the email carefully, because it includes why it was rejected. Maybe you have submitted it in the wrong category, or the description was too short. Based on the reason, you can submit the entry again for review.

We hope you find this information helpful! If you have questions, contact us for support.

Should you have any questions or run into any problems, you can consult our list of FAQs or reach out to us directly, at [email protected] or fill in an inquiry at the “Need Help” section in your profile menu.
These are the two ways to provide you with immediate answers and support.

Good Luck to All!

The Entrepreneurship Campus Team
Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

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  1. Farheen

    14.09.2022 · Reply

    Firstly, I want to enquire that, this competition is paid or free. Secondly, do we get any participation certificate or not.

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