Entrepreneurship is the Pathway to Decent Work for Youth

Dear members of the Entrepreneurship Campus,

Every single idea and project submitted to the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is important because it aims at improving communities and tackles youth unemployment. Thank you for the support and motivation you give to each other and to your peers worldwide.

According to official data, over 50 percent of graduates in Africa are jobless, while half of the youngsters in the Asia-Pacific region are unemployed. The lack of jobs forces young man and women from all over the world to accept low wages and poor conditions. Referring to the data provided by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the youth employment challenge is complex and closely intertwined with economic development, child labor, rural livelihoods, urban and trans-border migration, gender, poverty, and vulnerability.
On the other hand, entrepreneurship is one of the pathways toward decent work. It provides more opportunities to young people for improving their economic and social future. Decent work is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), even though progress was made, higher levels of technology and innovation can encourage decent work. Therefore, women can find economic independence and escape slavery, and children will not be forced to work.
Being one of the 17SDGs, decent work is also one of the goals where many of the members of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition are based when drafting their ideas and projects.
However, all the other goals of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are related to better working and living conditions. Employment gives hope to many people living in emerging and developing countries. Therefore, all your entries to the YCEC may be the starting point for successful startups and small business that will provide jobs and training to other people. Innovation not only provides solutions, it also offers equal chances for everyone.

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Source: ILO, UNDP

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  1. Very true… THanks

  2. In Democratic Republic of Congo , the most graduates in are jobless. We need to change this . Our organization promote entrepreurship for women usefull for income generating activities .I m só happy to be part of this campus than i can learn more about the entrepreurship and use this knowledge to promote this in my country.
    Proud to be part of this campus.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with you thank you for this great opportunity

  4. This is interesting! Thank you Entrepreneurship Campus for this great opportunity to awaken the powers of youth to create jobs and development opportunities by transforming worldly challenges.

    I believe my project that seeks to address the perpetual of menstruation management in young girls could increase girl retention in schools, and provide development opportunities.

    See more at https://www.entrepreneurship-campus.org/ideas/12/6086/

  5. The opportunity to participate in this YCEC has been one of the special moments of my 2017.

  6. Indeed! I feel very delighted to be a part of this community. Seriously innovative and creative ideas are always beside and within us. All thanks to the YCEC that has both made us dig them out and publish them to the world.

    • Now, you’ll have to insist on developing those ideas into something real. Keep going!

    • You have a lot to discover about yourself and use it to help others. Each of us has talent and potential and the Campus helps to find the way for discovering it.

  7. As every one of us has been a witness no statistical data can explain economic status focusing individuals,this indicates that we have to think to solve problems at community level whatever your idea will be let’s join together to focus more at community rather than personal gain, To me being a graduate means being able to employ,organise resources, coordinate,control and manage whatever you have to increase its value until it is able to pay you.

  8. The opportunity to be here goes beyond getting support but to also get the drive needed to make impact in our own little way.Thanks for the facts

  9. It is a wonderful innovative and nice word of encouragement to inspired one spirit, the write up is educative
    Thanks alot

  10. Anonymous

    13.07.2017 · Reply

    It’s true, this forum bring us together youth around the world to share ideas,

    Employment became like chasing wind, but the only way to tackle the problem is entrepreneurship,
    Thanks for encouraging youth about entrepreneurship

  11. Indeed umployment rate is high. Couple with the pandemic, it is now quite unbearable.
    In Nigeria, 25 million graduates are unemployed as of December, 2019. I truely belive that it is only entrepreneurship that can help Nigeria tackle this high rate of unemployment. I therefore encourage campus members to see how we can reach out to young ones to join campus competition if we want to see a better world in future.

    Thank you for this article campus administrator

  12. It is important for campus members to publicized and create visibility of this platform/. So many young people take up low pay jobs because they have no alternative. Many of us do not know about entrepreneurship. Personally, I have never given a thought to it because even though I have a desire to see that my friend have access to education as much as I do, I did not know where to start from in order to get my idea open and refined. My mother encourage me to participate in this competition because she is participating and have seen that the resources and the entire competition can be a motivating factor. And today, I can say listening to my mother to be in this campus was one of the best decision I have ever taken and I am encouraging my friends to participate whether or not ther have ideas refine in their head.

    So if majority of the young ones know about entrepreneurship, there will rather innovate ideas and be employers of labour than taking up low wages.

    Thank you campus competition for this opportunity

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