Entry Submission Completed, Thanks and Congratulations

2018 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competitio

Dear members of the Entrepreneurship Campus,
We would like to thank all of you for your enthusiastic participation in the 2018 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. The second stage of the competition is now complete and all the nominated entries are public and eligible for votes and comments. We are excited by the sheer number of participants in this edition of the competition because each of you has a plan, idea or project to bring a change that can impact the world and lives of people around you. We are sorry for all those among you that missed the deadline but don’t get discouraged. Stay motivated and continue to do your best to turn your ideas into reality. You can still take advantage of the free training courses and the online community to share experiences and ask questions.

What’s next?

To all the contestants that have their entries nominated to the 2018 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, congratulations. We encourage you to work hard in the next two weeks and to promote your ideas and projects in order to make it among the ten finalists for each of the categories. If you have questions about the voting process or any other inquiry do not hesitate to contact us.
Remember: Deadline for votes and comments – August 15th
Good luck to you all!
The Entrepreneurship Campus Team

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  1. Thank you…

  2. Faith Ejih

    02.08.2018 · Reply


  3. noted , thanks a lot

  4. Thanks . i can’t wait for the finals.

  5. Really proud to be part of this community

  6. Thank you

  7. Thank you
    Hoping my remote location will not stop me from reaching the top.

  8. Please how do I see the link to my project to enable me promote?
    Thank you

  9. it has been an eye opening journey for me, thank you

  10. Thank you for the opportunity and i hope to be one of the finalist so i an change my community.

  11. It is such a pleasure to be among all this young innovative people, thank you.

  12. I am voting for OGUNKOMAYA, Funmilayo

  13. Thanks for all

  14. Thank you, Campus manager for building such a community that works very hard.

  15. This is apluading.. Thanks for this

  16. Hello change makers. Congratulations on your projects. I am your baby participant. One of the 2019 competitors. Please view my idea and please vote my idea. As you know, your daily votes count.



  17. Oh what a great competition. Amazing job by the campus administrator. Weldone YCEC team

  18. What an amazing journey. congrats to all past campus members

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