Entry Submission Deadline Approaching 

Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

This is an important communication!
To all the members of the Entrepreneurship Campus that have saved an idea or project as a draft, we encourage you to continue to the next step. Remember that the deadline for submitting an entry to the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is July 31.
We suggest you not to push it for later or for tomorrow because the deadline for submitting an idea or project is 26 days away from today.

The 2018 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition started on March 15, but it feels like it was yesterday. What we mean is that 26 days can pass really fast. In the meantime, each day is a missed chance for introducing your idea or project to a larger group of people that can help you get started and even improve it.
When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are many things that keep people from meeting their goals and one of them is the idea that you will have time to do it later. Do it now and you won’t have that feeling of something pending that needs to be done.
It happens to all of us to do something that we have been postponing for a long time and in the end, we understand that it wasn’t difficult at all. It was just a matter of time. Thus, like we have already said, an opportunity doesn’t ask if you’re ready.
This means that you have to insist on the path you started and see where it will take you. The good thing about this competition is that it gives you the first experience as an entrepreneur. If you are ready to dedicate your time to a problem through an innovative and smart solution, why not try it until the end. Remember that the important thing is to persist in achieving your goals and not to insist on the initial idea. The path will help you understand that ideas like people may change a lot while growing.
What we want from you is to see how you plan to bring a change. It takes two minutes. Log in to your account and go to ‘My Ideas/Projects. You can put your entry in two or three sentences. The important thing is to submit.
Afterward, you will be asked to add more information. Don’t be scared by the requests. On the contrary, they can help to better organize your plans and work for the idea/project implementation.
While you are reading this, there are hundreds of users, who have their entries published in the Best Ideas 2018 and Best Projects 2018 categories that are learning how to promote and how to make them happen.
When you join the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, it will be your passion and the cooperation of the other contestants that will push you to reach your goal. As a future entrepreneur, the first step is to submit and try how far you can go. A draft is like an unspoken thought. If you don’t communicate it, it’s like you didn’t think at all.
Keep in mind that in the entrepreneurial world, someone else will have the same idea and more determination to see it happen. Give voice to your ideas!

Ask for support
If you have a question don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for support:
Send a message through the ‘Need Help’ page
Or send an email to [email protected]
Or [email protected]

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  1. Thanks for giving good response and …..Giving opportunity to attend computation

  2. Idea : We see the building, house and structures for more than 100 years, for many hundred years too. My idea is that if we make the highly compacted bricks of non biodegradable material like plastic and electronic body material and construct the building or structure it shall consume most of the non biodegradable being waste. It shall not be on the ground so earth is not polluted. It shall retain for many hundred years and that is required. Regards, Y. K. Rathaur 7086046807

  3. Yea. Once again the transparency in this platform is awesome. Thank you campus admi nistrator for the frequent reminders

  4. Thank you for the constand reminders Campus administration, Personally, I really appreciate the great work you are doing. I hope my friends also do

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