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    “All we can thus far say about the duration of the units of [the business cycle] and each of [its] two phases is that it will depend on the nature of the particular innovations that carry a cycle,… and the financial conditions and habits prevailing in the business community in each case.”
    — Joseph A. Schumpeter



    “The three most important things for a better future for me would be reduced economic inequalities within and between communities and countries, drastic decline in diseases such as malaria, cholera and HIV in developing countries and quality/affordable basic education for all children up until the tertiary level. I believe that if the world will truly become sustainable firstly we need to educate and equip as many people as possible in a short period of time. I believe that quality education will birth solutions that will unlock other Sustainable goals.”

    – Olabanji Jackson-oke, Nigeria



    Entrepreneurship can be a tough path–and a long, grueling one. Littered with false starts and failures, it tends to trigger a rollercoaster of emotions: excitement, despair, determination, and confusion, to name a few.

    Because it’s so rarely linear (just try to find a successful entrepreneur who hasn’t fallen flat on his or her face at some point), the thing is requires more than anything is stamina: You’ve got to be able to keep going even when you don’t feel like it, and draw on deep reserves of energy to go to the distance.

    Need a little help filling that well? Here’s some inspiration from those who’ve come before, to help you get to where you want to be:

    1. “Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.” – Sara Blakely

    2. “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

    3. “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” – Michelangelo

    4. “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.” – Steve Jobs

    5. “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain

    6. “Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.” – Billie Burke

    7. “Find the smartest people you can and surround yourself with them.” – Marissa Meyer

    8. “One of the most important things I have learned is that businesses don’t fail, entrepreneurs give up. Now sometimes, giving up is the right decision. But usually you just need to dig in and figure out how to make things better. Remember: Every day is a new opportunity to get up and do it better than yesterday!” – Adda Birnir

    9. “Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender, it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.” – Stephen Covey

    10. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Sally Berger

    11. “Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton (founder of Hilton Hotels)

    12. “There is only one way to avoid criticism: Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” – Aristotle

    13. “Take criticism seriously, but not personally.” – Hillary Clinton

    14. “My best advice to entrepreneurs is this: Forget about making mistakes, just do it.” – Ajaero Tony Martins

    15. “Failure is just a resting place. It is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

    16. “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” – Katharine Hepburn

    17. “It’s not about money or connections. It’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone when it comes to your business.” – Mark Cuban

    18. “If Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.” – Claire Cook

    19. “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart

    20. “Strive for authenticity over perfection.” – Sheryl Sandberg

    21. “What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world.” – Simon Sinek

    22. “Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

    23. “I stand up on my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.” – Robin Williams

    24. “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'” – Muhammad Ali

    25. “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

    26. “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

    27. “Don’t look at your feet to see if you are doing it right. Just dance.” – Anne Lamott

    28. “Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” – Janis Joplin

    29. “There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way.” – Christopher Morley

    30. “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.” – Lisa Lieberman-Wang

    31. “It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.” – Steve Jobs

    32. “Remember why you started.” – Anonymous

    33. “Screw it, let’s do it.” – Richard Branson



    The right quote at the right time can often provide deeper meaning and perception just when you need it most.

    A perfectly worded quip can impart wisdom and wit. It can tug at your heartstrings or be a bolt of lightning to awaken and invigorate your mind. A good quote can give you a lens through which to view a difficult situation or provide a ray of light in a dark time.

    Here’s a compilation of inspiring quotes from people whose observations and intuitions continue to lift us all.

    1. “My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long university education that I never had — every day I’m learning something new.” — Richard Branson

    2. “Genius is 1 percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration.” — Thomas Edison

    3. “Every time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it. It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is possible. Don’t put a ceiling on yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

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    4. “Fear is the disease. Hustle is the antidote.” — Travis Kalanick

    5. “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” — Sheryl Sandberg

    6. “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” — Biz Stone

    7. “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” — Bill Gates

    8. “Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” — Gloria Steinem

    9. “The question I ask myself almost every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’” — Mark Zuckerberg

    10. “You take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing, no one to blame.” — Erica Jong

    11. “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” — Albert Einstein

    12. “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” — Winston Churchill

    13. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” — Walt Disney

    14. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” — Helen Keller

    15. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” — Albert Schweitzer

    16. “Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” — John Maxwell

    17. “It’s hard to do a really good job on anything you don’t think about in the shower.” — Paul Graham

    18. “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” — Babe Ruth

    19. “Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

    20. “Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” — Farrah Gray

    21. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” — Henry Ford

    22. “The entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and actualizer. He can visualize something, and when he visualizes it he sees exactly how to make it happen.” — Robert L. Schwartz

    23. “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” — Steve Jobs

    24. “What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” — Bob Dylan

    25. “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” — Jim Rohn



    CEO: Tesla and Spacex

    Bold move: All of them

    There’s no denying that Elon Musk is a visionary. But there’s also no denying that he’s got room for improvement. Tesla is a well-publicized mess — behind on production, abandoned by its executives and embroiled in an SEC investigation. Musk, too, often appears to be a mess — increasingly erratic on Twitter, lurching from one PR crisis to the next. But in 2018, his company SpaceX launched and landed a giant rocket (and then booked the first passenger for a trip around the moon), his hyperloop technology scored a contract with the city of Chicago and his battery-making Gigafactory hit new strides. So is he a model to follow? “Beyond Musk’s undoubtable genius and grit, it takes a heavy dose of hubris to devote one’s life to pioneer technologies that promote the Earth’s sustainability, while simultaneously creating an intergalactic escape hatch if we collectively fail to save the planet,” says Leonard Sherman, a professor of business at Columbia University. “In keeping with the breathtaking ambition of his quest, Musk has certainly suffered many personal and technical setbacks along the way. But despite it all, entrepreneurs should remember Steve Jobs’ words. Bold, daring entrepreneurship is messy. It’s complex. But the crazy ones will get shit done.” But other experts think he’s more of a cautionary tale. Peter Cohan, lecturer of strategy at Babson College, urges entrepreneurs to learn from Musk’s mistakes. “The lessons that entrepreneurs should take from Elon Musk are clear: Put the highest priority on what is best for your company’s customers, employees, partners and investors. To do that, you must look at your strengths and weaknesses objectively. If you are not good at a skill that’s critical to deliver what stakeholders expect — now and in the future — you should partner with an executive who is. For all of Musk’s ambition and achievements, he seems unable or unwilling to do this.” Still not sure?



    Mother Teresa was an inspiration to countless millions for her lifelong devotion to the neediest and most vulnerable of the world. The selflessness and sacrifice with which she lived her own life made her an international symbol of charitable work, and the love and compassion she showed the destitute of all faiths won her a Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, which she donated entirely to the poor.



    “The long-term vision is to replace, repair and regenerate failing tissues and organs with the materials of tissues and organs. It’s still ‘out there,’ but it’s possible to put together a grant proposal now that doesn’t sound completely crazy.”
    Richard Wagner



    Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

    I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.

    Whatever your goal is you will never succeed unless you let go of your fears and fly.

    Capitalism – which in its purest form is entrepreneurism even among the poorest of the poor – does work; but those who make money from it should put it back into society, not just sit on it as if they are hatching eggs.

    Hard-won things are more valuable than those that come too easily.
    Richard Branson



    21 Quotes From Henry Ford On Business, Leadership And Life
    Erika Andersen
    Erika Andersen

    I knew, before starting to write this post, what we all know about Henry Ford: founder of Ford Motor F +0%Company, seminal proponent of mass production in the form of the assembly line, creator of the Model T and author of the tart line, “you can have it in any color you want, as long as it is black.” Then one of my readers, Sagar Adhikari, shared a great Henry Ford quote in a comment he made on one of my posts. I was intrigued, and started doing a bit of research.

    As it turns out, Ford was a veritable font of pithy and insightful one-liners about business and leadership – and a fascinating human being, as well. He certainly had his dark side (he seems to have been anti-semitic for at least part of his life, believing in a world conspiracy of “Jewish financiers”), but he was at the same time hugely progressive and forward-thinking in many other ways. For example, he hired African-Americans, women and disabled people long before most other business owners did so, and was passionately committed to the principle of paying good wages to hire and keep the best employees. He was a relentless technological innovator, based on his commitment to creating “the best possible goods at the lowest possible price.” He focused on making ongoing changes in design and production that would drive down costs while improving the product. For instance, the inaugural Model T, released for sale in 1908, cost $825 (about $22,000 in present-day dollars); by 1916, he had reduced the cost by more than half – to $360, while increasing safety, reliability and speed. And for better or worse, Henry Ford – more than any other individual – made us a nation of car owners; at one point over half the families in America owned a Ford motor car.

    Here then, for your reading pleasure: 21 inspiring and very fresh quotes from this complex, remarkable man:

    There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: make the best quality goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.

    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

    Don’t find fault, find a remedy.

    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

    Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.

    Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

    Employers only handle the money – it is the customer who pays the wages.



    What does an entrepreneur do? The first thing is they have given themselves permission to see a problem. Most people do not want to see problems … Once you see a problem and you keep looking at it you will find an answer.

    Bill Drayton

    Business, People, Entrepreneur



    “You need to say to everyone in the organization: “You are a change-maker. You can figure out what customers need. And if you also figure out how to make it work, you are a hero. You are going to do really well. You are going to be a role model for other people in the firm.” Everybody, including the doorman, is empowered. We should be doing the same thing in education organizations, in human rights organizations, in hotels chains and electronics firms – this is the transition to the Everyone a Changemaker world.”

    Bill Drayton



    Mary Olushoga, Founder of the AWP Network moderated the womens panel at the 2014 CUNY Young African Leadership Symposium, which took place at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

    Here are (8) memorable quotes from the event:

    (1) “Support me because I am competent not because I am a woman.”

    (2) “I don’t see myself as a woman, I see myself as a human being.”

    (3) “I truly believe that success always transcends gender.”

    (4) Being an African woman in 2014 is still a stigma.

    (5) “Women need to be more forceful, and not laid back or passive.”

    (6) “I want more African women and girls to know that you can be anything you want to be.”

    (7) “Get out of the it’s not possible mode, everything is possible.”

    (8) “Never underestimate the power of having a role model or mentor – find one.”



    “At the intersection where your gifts, talents, and abilities meet a human need; therein you will discover your purpose.”
    “Hell begins the day that God grants you the vision to see all that you could have done, should have done, and would have done, but did not do.“
    “Don’t think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money.”
    “The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations.”
    Adam Smith
    “The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.”
    “Where there is no desire, there will be no industry.”
    John Locke
    “It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.”
    “If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts, but if he will content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.”
    Francis Bacon
    “Do not go to bed until you have gone over the day three times in your mind. What wrong did I do? What good did I accomplish? What did I forget to do?”
    “Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it.”
    Rene Descartes
    “How many theorems in geometry which have seemed at first impracticable are in time successfully worked out!”
    “You cannot teach a person something he does not already know, you can only bring what he does know to his awareness.”
    Galileo Galilei
    “If others would think as hard as I did, then they would get similar results.”
    Isaac Newton
    “The chief cause of human errors is to be found in the prejudices picked up in childhood.”
    Rene Descartes
    “Rules for Happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.”
    Immanuel Kant



    “Business is still more often about whom you know, not what you know.”
    ― Alejandro Cremades
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    4. “To me, business isn’t about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders. It’s about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials.” – Richard Branson

    5. “Fortunately we’re not a public company – we’re a private group of companies, and I can do what I want.” – Richard Branson

    6. “Building a business is not rocket science, it’s about having a great idea and seeing it through with integrity.” – Richard Branson

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