Frequently Asked Questions


When is the deadline for submitting my idea/project?


Can my friends and I apply as a team?


How many members are allowed to be together on one team?


Can I submit more than one entry?


Can I submit my idea/project in a language other than English?


Is it compulsory to submit our idea before the voting time?


Where can I find the published ideas and projects?


I’m trying to upload pictures to my idea/project but they don’t save. Why does this happen?


When I submit my initial entry I don’t receive a confirmation if it was saved or submitted as the same page continues to load. What Should I do?


Are the Winners selected by voting or by the panel of judges?


I received the confirmation email after my entry was accepted. However, when I share it, people say they cannot open it. The link asks them to register or to log in. Are the members of the community only allowed to vote?


How do I work on my idea concept?


Is there any email to contact for support?


How can I vote?

Can I vote for my entry?


How to promote my idea and get more votes?


Why are my voters asked to log in when I share the link to my entry?


Can people that are not members of the Campus vote and comment?


How to send a friend request?