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    congrats to everybody.

  • We live in a global village where we simply cannot escape the impact of what others do on the other side of the world. This is particularly true in climate change. Africa stand to suffer more than most regions from the effect of global warming. The long term prospects are worrying for our children and even ourselves. This year, Nigeria experienced…[Read more]

    • Thank you Dielamo for this piece. I was marvelled at the Earth tremor in Kaduna State few days ago. Yes, we all could argue that Nigeria is not within Earthquake prone zone but massive Crude oil Exploration, Gas Flaring, Increased Population growth, Increase Waste production and poor Waste recycling culture could result to some these Natural…[Read more]

    • Love it!

    • COP21 2015 is indeed a reference point on this climate change challenge. We should strive as individuals, nations and world at large in our respective efforts at this realisation. Not an easy one though but it can be possible when we live responsibly. Only a few days ago, I read a WHO report declaring Sri Lanka a “malaria free country”. What an…[Read more]

      • Wow!!!.. Sri Lanka Malaria free!. This is great news oo. Can this be achievable in the tropics??. With such dense forest in Nigeria, Rivers, Massive population and huge waste dump. I pray that we eradicate mosquitoes in my time though at least reduce maternal mortality caused by malaria parasite and also hydrocephaly in children.
        I salute Sri…[Read more]

    • Thanks Tochukwu and that is great on the reconversion of waste paper into tissue. You have one way reduced environmental pollution by reducing the emission of a greenhouse gas into the atmosphere from the decomposed waste. Please permit me to ask. What sources of energy you utilizes in the reconversion of the waste papers? You can go a step…[Read more]

      • Thanks Dielamo for asking, we are running on diesel but we are projecting that by December 2018, we hope to transit to using renewal energy in our reconversion processes. All things been equal.

    • Yes Martins. We should all contribute in any little way you we can to curtail the challenge of climate change. In my idea Snails Evolution Will involve little or no greenhouse gas emission. Despite agriculture been a major contributor to greenhouse gas emission, my idea which involves little or no soil tillage will contribute little or not at all…[Read more]

    • That is nice @Tochukwu. May your projection come to a realization.

    • Kudos to Sri-Lanka. I look forward to that day mosquitoes will go into extinction in tropical Africa. The tormenting am receiving from them every night is not easy at all.

  • i am planing to start a non profit organization that could help in eradicating plastic pollution and also diseases caused by plastic emmisions “if any one is intrested in supporting me please email me” MY EMAIL IS [email protected] or [email protected] i am from tanzania thanks for your support people togather we can make it.

    • @ Edgar,
      Is this the idea you are in this competition with? Or this is another idea of yours. Perhaps you could add a little more details to your idea that could attract people to your it. The idea sounds a great one, but if you could put this a little bit into a close concrete concept, I believe it will help you greatly as well as people who are…[Read more]

      • yes this is the project that I am in the competition with but like wise as I have said early I cant help the whole Africa alone I need support and there is where I thought there is a need of starting an organization

    • Good to know this is the same idea. I will look at it again and if I have some suggestions, I will make them known to you, ok?

  • i believe if i will be able to get enough capital and support through this project of mine it can make the world free from poisonous dioxin from plastic bags and hence eradacate lung cancer and achieve clean enviroment

  • Good Morning fellows.

  • When will our certificate be ready


    Entrepreneurs are people who have the ability to see and evaluate business opportunities; to gather the necessary resources in order to take advantage of them; and to initiate appropriate action to ensure success. Being an entrepreneur is more than a job or a business; it is a lifestyle, and certain principles may influence…[Read more]

    • “If he pursues these goals honestly and diligently, he is likely to achieve positive result”.

    • “Being an entrepreneur is more than just a job or a business”. I like this part. My comment however is that though I totally share in your explanations, what do you make of people who are genuine originators of ideas or solutions but often do not want to be fully involved in its operation following a prove of and feasibility of the idea or…[Read more]

  • I love this Maxim “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained; Consistency Compounds”.

  • Do you know that Madonna University is the only Catholic University in West Africa that is founded by a Renowned Catholic Priest –Rev. Fr E.M.P Edeh (Father Chancellor).
    That is my Alma mater, it is an institution where Integrity and Academic Excellence is its motto.
    Where young men and women are groomed to be upright, be a voice for the…[Read more]

    • Do you know that Niger Delta university is a state-owned university located in the 3rd largest delta in the world(3rd to Mississippi and Mekong delta). Precisely located on an Island surrounded by rivers and petroleum-rich milieux of the state. The great biodiversity of the extensive surrounding landscapes opens opportunities for various…[Read more]

      • Wow… Dielamo, its quite interesting to learn about the principles that nurtured your entrepreneurial spirit. Weldone bro on your Snail project and in all, I wish you Goodluck~~~cheers.

    • Yes Mr Tochukwu thank you very much. We are a product of our immediate environment. I can also see the integrity beaming in your enterprise.

  • Entrepreneurs have alot of work to do in their community. We’ve heard inspirations like;
    •Think Global act Locally
    •a journey of 10,000 miles starts with a bold step.
    •do it one day at a time…,
    I leave with the words of Saint Theresa of Calcutta..

  • Good Evening fellows, I want also to reflect on the benefits of Market Segmentation.
    This simply means dividing our market along age, gender, ethnic groups, life-cycle, class, education, behaviours..etc.
    It allows you to Focus on Customers needs so as to employ you resources efficiently.
    It really pays to have the right Market segmentation for…[Read more]

    • @ Tochukwu,
      I do agree with you. I also think that a better and perhaps efficient way is to apply alongside your points, the penetration strategy, sometimes called cost leadership strategy. Alternatively, you could use a differentiation strategy. With either approach, you will arrive at a good market segment. Whereas cost leadership aims to…[Read more]

      • Thank you Martins. Differentiation Strategy’!!, I learnt a new one today. Thank you Martins. I believe it will help one pin point the exact group that uses your product and Services. We will carefully adopt that in Eteicon to get a more clearer figures on our statistics.
        Thanks bro

    • Dear Martins, I kindly implore that you drop down the grammar/expression a bit so that everybody can grasp what you are talking about.

  • The long voyage with YCEC is gradually coming to an end. YCEC been my first international contest will forever remain memorable for a lifetime. I will be here again in 2-3years time, not with idea but with project. Thanks to those who took out time out of their busy schedule to vote and comment on my idea and posts. Thanks to other budding…[Read more]

  • Please join us as we plan to unveil an e-learning solution that will bring about revolution in the knowledge industry, focusing on developing nations, starting from Nigeria, Africa!
    From: Anietie Martins. Founder/CEO: Learning-ON-THE-GO.

  • Hi everyone, I have been shortlisted too on the 2nd phase of Bank of Industry(BOI), YES-Programme.

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