The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Entrepreneurship Campus

You are invited to receive free training at the Entrepreneurship Campus. This online training provides methods and techniques for developing ideas into solid business models, to turn a budding idea into a fully developed concept, or to improve on an existing business model.

Entrepreneurship Online Training

Opening up the idea

In Germany, in a meeting with a conventional start-up adviser,…

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Finding out what really motivates the founder

My methodology is different. I start with the initial idea…

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Seven techniques for working out an entrepreneurial design

There are painters who make a yellow spot out of…

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Discover potential in what exists already

Successful entrepreneurial designs are often innovative without inventing anything new.…

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Function, not convention

Many of our examples demonstrate the entrepreneurs’ independent spirit above…

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Recombining what already exists

The example that I find to be the most illustrative…

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Turning work into fun and entertainment

You remember the tale of Tom Sawyer, the hero of…

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Start-ups with wings

Sometimes it’s necessary to make a radical break with familiar…

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"Brains versus Capital" now for sale as an e-book from bestselling author Gunter Faltin

The content of our free online training comes from Faltin's bestselling book "Brains versus Capital". If you wish to buy it, please click here.
We wish you an enjoyable read!