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A Cup of Coffee to Tell a Powerful Story

Published on May 12, 2014 um 05:57

Name of Enterprise

Humanity Helping Sudan Project


2571 Hungary spring Road Richmond Virginia 8044323985
23294 Richmond
United States

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Type of Enterprise

nonprofit organization

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peace-building, environment, education , health, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction , sustainable trade, cultural diversity

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Summary of your enterprise

A Cup of Coffee to Tell a Powerful Story Humanity Helping Sudan Project in partnership with Whole Foods Market will launch a revolutionary awareness campaign focused on South Sudanese refugees through one of America’s favorite beverages: coffee. Humanity Helping Sudan Project (HHSP), an award-winning NGO working to promote a more sustainable lifestyle for South Sudanese refugees, will be partnering with Whole Foods Market to launch a nation-wide awareness campaign through one of America’s favorite beverages: coffee. The campaign has three goals: 1) SHARING: First, each 12oz package of freshly roasted coffee will share the stories of displaced refugees and promote awareness about their living conditions. 2) DONATING: Second, the profits 98% of the sales will go towards helping the refugees of South Sudan and neighboring countries. 3) CREATING JOBS: Last, coffee producers in the Gambella region of Ethiopia will employee refugees, who will have a chance of earning a living and learning important job skills. Through the partnership with Whole Foods Market, HHSP will purchase, package and distribute authentic Ethiopian coffee in the United States for specialty packaging and retail distribution. HHSP will aim to leverage Ethiopian coffee due to its incredible quality and taste (Ethiopian coffee or Coffee Arabica is one of the finest types of coffee on the market since it provides a round flavor without the bitter taste of excess caffeine) while promoting a wide-reaching awareness campaign.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Since its establishment in 2008, HHSP has brought awareness to the 300,000 individuals living in Gambella, Ethiopia and has helped 40,000 former refugees learn to farm, fish, and integrate into general population. Thanks to Whole Foods Market, during the summer of 2011, HHSP successfully leased ten acres of land toward building a community garden for those who are in need of food. In the summer of 2012, donations from Whole Foods Market helped purchase seeds and watering cans for the community garden. HHSP has been featured on ABC News, Comcast Newsmakers, CNN, Richmond Times Dispatch, and several other prominent media outlets. In 2012, HHSP was the first refugee-related cause to ever air on the VH1 “Do Something” Award Show. VH1 sent 10 staff members to cover the HHSP’s current projects and the lives of refugees in Gambella, Ethiopia. The VH1 staff observed various aspects of the refugees’ culture in order to successfully produce, broadcast and spread awareness to the US public. Beyoncé Knowles was one of the first public figures to really take notice of HHSP’s work invited Manyang to the World Humanitarian Day event in New York City on August 19, 2012 to further intercultural dialogue. There are currently almost a million internally displaced people in South Sudan and the number is likely to increase dramatically in the coming months. The refugee community is one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. Many have experienced horrific torture, unthinkable violence and trauma. There is a significant lack in awareness of these issues within the media and among the public. Without increased awareness of the displaced refugees, acceptance and integration into other cultures will be very difficult or met with resistance.

Sustainability and future plans

Thanks to the popularity of coffee in America, this project will help promote awareness of the difficult conditions in South Sudan among the US public. At the same time, it will hopefully help foster a dialogue in order to shed light on the lives of refugees who managed to escape as well as on the lives of the many who are still struggling in South Sudan. Through Whole Foods Market and other channels, in fact, Humanity Helping Sudan Project also plans to hold events to spread awareness and promote the opportunity for individuals to get involved in the project. Essentially, every contribution to this project will not only be used to sustain the people of South Sudan, but also to promote a dialogue in America, where people are largely unaware of this young country’s hardships. Manyang believes that basic human rights begin with land. The money that is raised is used to lease additional land with a vision resulting in enough land for livelihoods where the identity of the displaced people changes from refugee camp to homeland. The packaging of each 12oz bag of freshly roasted coffee will share the stories of the displaced refugees and promote awareness and integration through marketing. We will sell each bag of coffee at a premium retail price and all contributions would go towards helping the refugees South Sudan and neighboring countries. Lastly, by purchasing coffee from local coffee producers in the Gambella region of Ethiopian we will create jobs and sustainable living for refugees

Your profile as an entrepreneur

The Founder and Chairman of HHSP, Manyang Reath has personally experienced the dehumanizing conditions and neglect that refugees endure daily. Manyang was separated from his family at the age of four due to the Second Sudanese Civil War, and became one of 4 million people displaced in Sudan during that time. Manyang is one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”, a group of 20,000 displaced orphanage children from South Sudan, and one of the 4,000 who managed to settle in the US and create a new life. Manyang’s powerful story of incredible hardship and new beginnings has gathered a lot of attention. He met with John King and Anderson Cooper, and spoke with both of them about his childhood and about the atrocities that young children still face in refugee camps. Even after this level of media outreach, Manyang felt that his story was not being heard by the general public and that US audiences remained largely unaware of the sufferings of the hundreds of thousands of children, women and families that are still displaced because of the current conflict. Manyang has been invited to speak to groups associated with the United Nations headquarters in New York City and the African Union in Addis, Ethiopia to raise awareness of how to assist refugees by meeting their basic needs in a long-term sustainable way. Manyang won the following Awards African Community leadership Award The VH1 Do Something Award program Applause Africa magazine awards

Video (optional)

CNN John King and Manyang Holding paper which become Humanity Helping sudan

Manyang and children at refugee camp

Beyonce and Manyang celebrating Refugee day

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Manyang Reath Kher's project

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