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Have You Considered Sustainability Entrepreneurship in Tourism?

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As a young motivated wannapreneur, you have to think about the ways that can help your local community to have a good quality of life. Sometimes there are various ways, and sometimes there is only one. If tourism is the only sector with a potential for development, you must take care that it does not contribute to environmental damage, climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem loss, and pollution. With the right skills, you can develop a new kind of tourism that is beneficial to the local community and does not cause an unsustainable consummation of resources.

Sustainable tourism and social entrepreneurship go hand in hand. On one hand, tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is people oriented and most tourism-related businesses fall under small and medium-sized enterprises. On the other hand, tourism has its share of social and ecological, consequences. Therefore, both locals and travelers, who are learning about the negative effects of tourism on the environment or cultural heritage, are looking for more responsible travel options.

Tourism includes a wide range of activities and services such as transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking, catering, shopping, guided tours, ecotourism, and much more. You can help to develop a sector that adopts sustainability principles, contributes to poverty reduction, and helps to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The Entrepreneurship Campus offers the opportunity to participate in a Tourism Competition. If you have an idea or a project focused on this sector, don’t hesitate to join the competition. The free online training will help you to build capacity implementing and explaining sustainability in tourism-related projects that fall in line with local needs and sustainable development.

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  1. Indeed tourists and local communities are curcial actors in sustaining entrepreneur in tourism.

  2. I had never really thought of the tourism sector but this has got me thinking of ways to boost tourism in Africa. Thanks

  3. Tourism is indeed am untapped market in my country Nigeria. Hopefully in the future I would love to do something on tourism. Nice piece by the way.

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    3. Vote for my idea guys thanks a lot.

  5. Very interesting information

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Have You Considered Sustainability Entrepreneurship in Tourism?

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