How and Why to Be an Active Citizen?

active citizen

There are many successful people that started small no matter their big dreams and great efforts. This is how it happens in most of the cases and it doesn’t matter if challenges seem bigger than your dreams. The important thing is to start. Even when you feel like need to do something but you don’t know why there are many opportunities that will help you learn new things and understand better what you want to do.
Each of us is part of a community but not all have a sense of belonging. It is necessary that everyone feel like they belong or connected to a group because it provides positive development, inclusion, and support to people and social issues.

How to start?

You can start by attending more community and social activities. Civic engagement is crucial to make a difference in your community. It helps to bring people together, to identify and tackle issues of social concern.
It starts with active citizenship and there are different ways how you can be part.

How to be an active citizen?

You can be part of bigger initiatives that combine values, motivation, experience, knowledge, and skills in service to your community. However, civic participation depends on your context. You can have a role depending on what’s the most concerning problem in your community.

You can volunteer:
  • in a clean-up activity in the park, school area, or beach
  • at the elderly people house
  • in a health care center
  • at the school
Help for the organization of environmental activities for kids like:
  • Nature walks and bike rides
  • Plant a small community garden
  • Green fashion show
Participate in social inclusion activities:
  • Camping for kids with special needs
  • Art days
  • Debate events

These are only a few of the things that you can do. You will get to know your community and the most concerning issues that need to be addressed.  Do not neglect your community role because what you do has an impact on the lives of other people. You will also understand better what you really want to do while having your feet on the ground.

If you really passionate about entrepreneurship take our free training courses and don’t hesitate to participate in the 2018 edition of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. You’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded people from all over the world and make great friends. Take a look at the previous editions of the competition if you need inspiration for your ideas and projects.

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  1. We all gonna climb that height in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. Amen bro.we will for sure

  3. This is very powerful. One of the goals I have set is to be spending a day or 2 each week at a community school teaching kids and sharing stories that will encourage and make them have hope that tomorrow will be brighter again. I believe the more we engage in community work the more we get to appreciate the hard work and lifestyle that many go through on a daily basis hence reshaping the way we live or see life knowing for sure that we have people that go through a lot in life and they need our help and support.

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