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How Entrepreneurship Empowers Youth?

Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

Teaching entrepreneurial skills to young people is a solution to the high unemployment rate among youth worldwide. At the same time, it helps to pave the way to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Youth living in poor countries, disconnected communities, conflict areas can help generate economic growth and sustainable wellbeing if they have access to entrepreneurial skills.

According to the World Economic Forum one in five people aged 15-34 is unemployed, not engaged in formal education or training.

Data from the World Bank confirm that the total youth unemployment rate, labor force ages 15-24, in 2018 was 13.23percent.

The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition strongly encourages youth entrepreneurship as crucial to achieving the SDGs.

Youth have to be empowered with the necessary skills and motivation to spark innovation and economic growth. The members of the Entrepreneurship Campus have the opportunity to gain an entrepreneurial mindset through free online training.

Eight different lessons by Professor Gunter Faltin’s book ‘Brains versus Capital’ provide simple and smart answers to questions often considered difficult.
Lesson by lesson, the user starts to build the right mindset and to think like an entrepreneur.
They understand how problems can turn into solutions or even how innovation is easier when some main factors are taken into consideration.

At the same time, they have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge in a real idea or projects and compete in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. The platform is based on the spirit of cooperation, which means that the contestants help each-other.

They share ideas and experience while getting a taste of the entrepreneurial life. The latter is not easy. The young wannapreneur needs to master a set of different skills including finance, business plans, tax administration, and especially marketing.

The contestants learn how to market their ideas and projects during the voting stage. They have to make the entry known to as many people possible and to convince them to vote, not only once, but many times.
It sounds tough, but that’s the entrepreneurial life.

Many of the contestants manage to successfully convert their ideas into real products and services because they determined to solve a social cause.
You too can be one of these young changemakers. Join the movement!

Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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  1. Entrepreneurship is the way forward for a country to be sustainable. With entrepreneurs, the future of a country looks bright. But some countries make things difficult for her youth because some of the leaders aren’t thinking like an entrepreneurs. A very good example of a country that is not making things easy for her youths but also engaging and empowering them is Dubai. With what they are doing, innovation become more easy and creativity is the other of the day. Embrace entrepreneurship, increase the annual GDP of your country. Great article once more.

  2. Niyi Jacob Ogunode

    15.04.2019 · Reply

    Why you should be of an Entrepreneur
    The benefits to being an entrepreneur are many. Yes, there will be tough times, but working for yourself will always be better than working for someone else. Being brave enough to take the leap is most certainly the hardest part, but if you have a great idea, passion and a competitive spirit, this may just be the choice for you.
    Some people know from a very early age that they want to work for themselves, others work for a boss for a while only to discover that they would rather run their own business. There are lots of benefits to being an entrepreneur:
    1. You control your own destiny. You have the power to make the decisions that ultimately determine the success or failure of your business.
    2. You can be an innovator. Most of the great ideas that have been turned into great businesses have come from entrepreneurs.
    3. You create a family. The culture of entrepreneurship is almost like a big family – your business becomes a family and you get taken into the family of your fellow entrepreneurs who are always willing to give advice and help whenever it is needed.
    4. You choose who represents your brand. You are obviously only as good as the people that you surround yourself with and when you own your own business, you can surround yourself with a great group of people that share your vision, passion and drive.
    5. No dress code. You can go to work wearing what feels comfortable. Doing business in your slip slops can be hugely liberating.
    6. You have the opportunity to make an impact. Being an entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to create a business that can make a real difference in the world.
    7. You choose your workspace. You can work from home or from a coffee shop, rent space in a creative environment or take space in a cool upcoming area – the choice is yours and it can have a big impact on productivity and the enjoyment factor.
    8. It gives you a rush. The stakes are high, but so are the rewards. What better shot of adrenaline than the one you receive after reaching a goal and knowing you worked extremely hard to get to that point.
    9. You become a role model. People revere entrepreneurs. Just having the guts to become an entrepreneur is inspiring, but your success will serve as motivation and inspiration to others.
    10. Boredom will not factor in your life. Being an entrepreneur or small business owner is busy – you can be guaranteed of never feeling bored.

  3. For most wannapreneurs. I think the major problem They face is marketing their ideas rather than finance. It might sound strange but it’s the truth. How does a 16year old student with no marketing skills whatsoever convince an investor to buy into his idea. It’s a Major issue, but with books and pushing yourself you will make it. Even if you fail many times. Entrpreneurship is here to stay and only daring people will give their all to see their ideas come to life

  4. It is true that most youth are un or under employed. Some are working just to earn a living while others are no enterprising in any way.
    I am determined to solve a social cause hence the motivation behind my idea fashion and designing – Priceless look. I intend to go about my venture and enjoy every bit of it while i meet the social needs of the people and in the fulfilment of SDG goals 8 and 9.

  5. According to the World Economic Forum one in five people aged 15-34 is unemployed, not engaged in formal education or training.

    In underdeveloped countries, eyesight is a big impediment to quality education for the youth.

    Please check out Eyesaver

    Thank you for your unconditional support.

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