How to Gain Entrepreneurship Experience?

Two important things, among many others, that are vital to successful entrepreneurship are logic and experience. It’s like mathematics, but if you don’t like math, let’s explained it in Aristotle’s way. His logic worked the same way we predicate calculus or any other subject, entrepreneurship included. According to Aristotle, if some true assumptions are laid down a result will follow. In order to have these true assumptions, which in our cases are also known as the logic of entrepreneurial action, experience is needed.

They say that mistakes come from the lack of experience, and a failed first attempt mostly results in the two well-known reactions. ‘I’m not cut for this’ and ‘There is another way for doing this right’.
In the case of those who insist, a bad experience is good because challenges can be rewarding and lead to success. Yet, experience from others can be essential to people eager to take on new challenges but new to entrepreneurship.

The question is where to find it?

Written experience

Innovation, this is the buzzword that we read and hear almost anyplace. It’s like the Holy Grail and everyone is looking for it. How to be innovative? Hundreds of books and articles are published every year on leadership, management, organizational skills, on how to get started, etc. Books are really helpful as they can provide answers to questions that can also be your questions. They offer great guidance but keep in mind that everything depends on the context. The latter depends on social, cultural, political, economic and even religious factors. Therefore, every challenge exists on its own environment and it can’t be overcome if the environment is neglected. Hence, you have to search for cases of people that face similar problems.

Find your environment

Learning has to be done in the right environment. You have to find the ideal conditions that are culturally fit for you and that guarantee a path toward success. The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition has created an optimal environment for youth-driven innovation in developing countries and other parts of the world. Here they have the chance to be part of a large community, interact with each other and most of all to learn how to find solutions. They have the opportunity to get free entrepreneurship online training on how to find ideas, develop them into great products, discovering potential in what already exists and having a lot of fun.

We all face challenges that can spark great ideas. To me it’s a blank page, to you it may be something that ignites your creative spark and result in a solution to a major problem. The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an experience that teaches you the secrets of success.

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