How to Join the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Campus

Entrepreneurship Campus

Hello young entrepreneurs,
You are one step away from becoming part of a global community of inspiring young people like you.

Look at how many ideas and projects the participants in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition have created during the years. Small actions lead to big change!

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You can be the one that is going to bring change to your society. Join the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.
All you need to do is to Register

Register Entrepreneurship Campus
  1. Create an account
create an account Entrepreneurship Campus

You will be required to enter the following information
A valid email address
A password for your account

Profile details
First Name/ Last Name
Your country
Location (choose one of the options listedlike in the image below)

Entrepreneurship Campus

Date of birth
Click agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Complete Sign Up

2. You will receive an email with a link

3. Click the link to activate the account
A tab with a field under the name activation key will appear (the activation key is the last portion of the link you received via email)

activate account Entrepreneurship Campus

Click Activate

Congratulations! Now you’re a member of the Entrepreneurship Campus

What if I don’t receive a confirmation email?
Try to log in with the email and password that you have entered upon registration.

Click login
Below Error read the sentence: If you have not received an email yet, click here to resend it?
Click the link

Now you can Log In to your account
Use the username or your email to access it.

Take your time to explore the Entrepreneurship Campus. Look at the previous editions of the competition. Thanks to our map, you can explore the main trends in your region or country.

The published entries will help you create a clear picture of the details that you’re going to include your idea or project. You can start making friends, networking, taking the online lessons and much more. Take advantage of the online community, it’s a global window of opportunity.

If you have questions or need support don’t hesitate to Contact Us

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  1. Done mine already thanks for the opportunity. Do vote for my idea “THE PITCHING APP” click on my name and and view my profile. Leave comments guys. I really want to share my idea with the world. And bring it to life.

  2. Very important reminders. Thank you campus administrator for always reminding people of what to do

  3. Thank you again for the reminders. Campus admin is indeed helping to keep campus members on their toes and it is amazing

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