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How to Save the World? From UN’s Lazy Persons’ Guide to Young Entrepreneurs

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One of the main pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals is the pledge to leave no one behind. While it was the members’ states that have adopted the 2030 Agenda and committed to achieving it, everyone can take action and make an impact.
The United Nations have even made a guide for the lazy ones (see at the end of the article), so they can give a contribution to a better world. From the sofa superstar to the exceptional employee, this guide shows that small actions can have a big impact. Moreover, it confirms that when something is seen under the right perspective, there is a way to make it useful i. e. air dry. Let your hair dry naturally instead of using the hairdryer.

When something is seen from a different point of view it can be beneficial.
This sounds similar to one of our online training lessons, which teaches how to see solutions and opportunities in places or situations where others see a problem. Afterward, this approach can be used to think about entrepreneurial ideas or concepts that could help to solve a frustrating problem in a sustainable way.

Differently, from the UN’s guide for the lazy, entrepreneurship feeds on ongoing hard work, and innovative thinking. The latter can result in innovative and sustainable solutions based on existing knowledge, but implemented in an improved way.

People on poor and developing countries don’t have the financial resources, knowledge, or the time to invest in an innovative idea the same way as those living in high-income economies. Therefore, they need to adapt to every solution based on their knowledge, resources, and contexts.
The members of the Entrepreneurship Campus, especially youth have a huge role in promoting and building a culture of innovation in their communities.

The best aspect of sustainable innovation is that it can be applied in every sector, including agriculture, education, the environment, tourism, etc. You can start with the most frustrating problem in your area. Find out what is the SDG related to that specific issue and search in our competition or in the previous editions of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition for a solution related to that specific SDG in your area.

You can take online training and join our competitions with an idea or project. The members of the Entrepreneurship Campus that join our competitions get a taste of the entrepreneurial life and find out if they are cut for entrepreneurship.

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World 

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  1. The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition and online training are geared towards shaping our entrepreneurial mindset. In the course of the training, I learned about recombination, that is, combining new ideas or old ones together and turning it into viable innovative solutions. All of the training elements are channelled into the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals and what we must do to start taking action both as a prospective or existing entrepreneurs.


  2. The Lazy persons guide is worth sharing with my lazy pals. Its rich in ways of being sustainable both at home and environment. Every one needs to read and adopt this guide regardless of your income status to avoid unnecessary expenditures that outweigh your net income hence increasing poverty levels and inequalities. It teaches us to live within our means and use other adopted solutions to solve similar problems in our society. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is insightful.We all need to take action towards achieving sustainable development in the world.There are too many problems facing our communities,cities and villages waiting for who will profer solution to it.

    A very close friend of mine UNACHUKWU INNOCENT resigned his job late last year to start an initiative called GREENBOX AFRICA, a project with a mission of lightning and powering up AFRICA with solar and inverter system.

    Today,GREENBOX AFRICA is already penetrating villages here in Nigeria solving electricity problem.

    Dear Campus Manager,please permit me to share this information with some of my friends.I strongly believe this will stir someone into taking reasonable action towards starting an IDEA.

  4. A few months ago, Kenyans learnt about how Rwanda has set a side a week that everyone exercises on the roads. Imagine no gas, no smoke, no engine roars . Just a crowd of people keeping fit and eating healthy. Lazy others, lazy us, we borrowed the idea to have a day where individuals walk to work the whole week. It’s ended just like it had started… Suddenly. We should be persistent. Innovation is patience, innovation is open mindedness, innovation is visionary


    26.06.2019 · Reply

    The change today is us and it has to happen in the head

  6. Nice update, thanks for the information.
    Vote and comment on my idea.

  7. Lazy people need motivation. Motivated people create opportunities.

  8. Another reason I felt the world needs me. I like seeing things differently and one of such is giving no thinking to impossibilities. I’d crossed that bridge a long time ago and it is my belief today that our playing small won’t serve the world. We need bold steps like FOPSIN – For Posterity Sake Initiative, Nigeria. Everyone must get involved. Serving the world is no one-man business.

  9. Online training is one of the great platform that helped us many in building our idea. Entrepreneurs are the greatest weapon that can make the world a better place in ensuring that we meet the sustainable vision 2030. Only an entrepreneur can identify the problem and think of a solution, they add value to what have invented already but as young entrepreneur we can only reach our dreams and achieve the SDG when someone is the to help us financially.

    Oshikulu cultural village and living museum

  10. Thailand’s rural areas (majority of the country) neglect healthcare because they lack technology and opportunity. Eyesaver aims to bring adequate eye care to all children across the country and eventually all countries in the underdeveloped world.

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