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How Young People Can Envision the World and Be Changemakers, Interview with Patrick Petit

Patrick Petit

“Each individual realizes that he can make a crucial, important, significant difference in the world. There is a reason why everyone is here on this planet. We aren’t here by coincidence. Each of us has a specific mission to accomplish. This platform is an opportunity for them to express their talent,” Patrick Petit, representative of GOI Foundation for the United States and the United Nations says in an interview on the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

Dear members of the Entrepreneurship Campus, today we are happy to share with you an inspiring interview with Patrick Petit. He talks the benefits of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition and how it empowers young people to be changemakers and to envision the future of the planet.

Patrick on the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

“The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition has been designed for young people with the main purpose of empowering them and to get them a notion of what entrepreneurship is all about. In each one of us, there is the inherited talent of entrepreneurship. This talent needs to be manifested by young people. Most don’t know that they have this skill. They have wishes dreams that want to accomplish, but they don’t know that dreams are made to be lived and implemented. The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition platform is a tool and an opportunity for young people to discover their inherited talent and to express this talent through entrepreneurship.”

On the Entrepreneurship Campus

“The Entrepreneurship Campus aims to inspire and motivate young people to do something significant for the community, as well as the world and the planet in order to improve the state of the world. Each young people is here on this planet to contribute with their skills and knowledge to make a difference and each one of them plays a specific role and is a very significant individual. The platform showcases talents, ideas and projects and people are invited to submit and to make their ideas known to a great community on this platform.”

On the Entrepreneurship Campus global community

“Internet and technology are ways to connect people around the world and provide the unique opportunity meet on this platform, to showcase talents and innovation, to exhibit and present ideas and projects.
The campus-based on online entrepreneurship education classes and courses. People can learn entrepreneurship and take classes from Professor Gunter Faltin.
Those who want to learn can take the courses and improve the idea and consult and get advice from the online community how to be successful in the market.”

On the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs

“By putting the focus on the SDGs we not only give to these young people some structure which they can focus on, we also join the global movement that the civil society, businesses, governments and many other stakeholders are already part of, We join a global family, we join forces together.”

On how youth can change the world

“People should empower themselves. To feel that they are not alone or separate from what’s happening in the world. They are part of the change, they are changemakers, significant changemakers. Also, other stakeholders should listen to their knowledge. They can teach to all of us what their visions are. They have to be aware that they should envision how the world should look like according to themselves. The world can reflect what they’re envisioning.”

Advice to the young people

“Come to the platform,
Take the courses,
Believe in yourself,
Don’t be shy if you have an idea or a vision. Simply do it because if you don’t do it someone else will do it. Your personal individual mission is unique and nobody can replace you. You’re here to make a difference, to be a changemaker, to be in service to humanity and in service to earth because we all need you, each one of you.”

Enjoy the complete interview in the video below!

Photo Credit: Christine Marie Lacayo

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