ICT training and resource center in Isingiro District

Published on June 21, 2014 um 15:55

Name of Enterprise

Real Agency for Community Development (RACD)


Main Street E13
+256 Isingiro

Your title/position

Projects Coordinator

Type of Enterprise

nonprofit organization

Enterprise has a positive impact on

peace-building, environment, education , poverty reduction , sustainable trade, youth, other: children

Year the enterprise was founded


Summary of your enterprise

In the effort to decentralize service delivery and improve youths welfare, RACD has Core programmes and cross cutting issues for effective planning and management of service delivery to the requirements of the target populations and which is there problem currently in Isingiro District. These include: Library: Plans to purchase ICT related books are in place such that school going youths can make use of the resource center interms of revision purposes and further references mostly during holidays which is not known by some big number of people in Isingiro District. Computer installation and youths training: Actions to ensure that the youths who access the resource center are able to acquire skills (ICT SKILLS) are to be put in place. Computers are to be installed and trainers put in place. The youths will acquire both theoretical and practical computer skills. The skills acquired will later enable the youths to compete favourably both nationally and globally in the current ICT era. Internet connectivity: Efforts will be put to ensure that computers in the resource center are connected to the internet so that the youths are able to acquire global, up to date and extensive information. With this facility put in place the youths remain modern and even are able to communicate worldwide and efficiently. Youth Participation Participation is a key principle at the resource center hence being an educational right of the youths. The youths are the most targeted group under this project hence having a vital role to play in the achievement of the project goals and objective. Gender Mainstreaming all RACD projects and activities promote gender equity. They include, where appropriate, target ratios of boys and girls, and we strive for equal leadership opportunities. RACD promotes the meaningful participation of all, regardless of gender, social background, colour and ethnicity.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

RACD has managed to Registered as NGO and got operational permit, Opened an operations office with the address P.O. Box 09, Isingiro in Isingiro District, Opened an account number in the Organizations account name in Centenary Bank, Isingiro Branch, RACD has managed to conduct trainings to several other people who, also, have initiated their businesses and others are applying the skills, RACD has managed to purchase some basic equipment for use while in the field/ the project premises, RACD has strived and become a member to Uganda NGO Forum, RACD has partnered with South Western Initiative for Community Counseling Organization (SWICCO) which has helped organization to train RACD staff in HIV counseling and management and in provision HCT to our clients, RACD has supported students by providing them scholastic materials like stationery and part of school fees and their academic performance has gradually improved term after term, We trained 30 youth leaders in the community in areas of economic development, We are partnering western Ankole Civil Society Forum Funded by DGF in the implementation of project called Harnessing Citizens Power and Voice in Isingiro District , We managed to be the champions of Isingiro District in polio and malaria funded by GAVIs and ministry of Health, We are member in Coalition on Environment & Climate Change in Uganda (CECCU), and in some networks like SWENASO, ISIDINASO and MBADISCOF. Also has already sensitised and mobilised the youth about ICT training resource centre and some are on training , they are showing us the interest of the project, exchange of staff and visits/tour to some ICT resource centre and this rely measure the success.

Sustainability and future plans

For the effective sustainability of the project, RACD team will ensure that Community Based Volunteers (CBV) and teachers/tutors are empowered on the importance of the project to beneficiaries in their local areas. It is expected that the project will be sustained by initial active participation of beneficiaries in the project through CBV and Teachers. Mentioned groups will be trained to support the project. It is thought that community approach of involving their participation can lead to good cause, it is expected that community will be capable of handling youth friendly activities, also to Develop broad-based relationships/partnerships that foster collaboration, involve all stakeholders: parents, students, business, community leaders, school administrations, politicians, and funders, Develop a core of supporters, Participate in various national and international conferences. It is expected that the selected CBV and Teachers would continue offering support and sensitization services in their respective communities. Regular follow ups and monitoring will be important to the sustainability of the project as it will help in supporting its stakeholders. Problems faced can easily be handled by the support groups and they can also play a great role in devising solutions. The support and motivation will be one of routine duties geared by RACD management to support groups in their communities. Each person coming for Services and who is not youth will be charged UGX 1000(weekly) for the services like surfing on internet and other training skills for 100,000 Uganda Shilling up to the end from ICT center to ensure sustainability of the project.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Banturaki Benard born on 18th June,1986 in the place of Saano, Endiinzi, Bukanga Constituency Isingiro District western Uganda, the youth founder of RACD initiated it by two people when I was completing S.6 from Allied Mbarara S.S, I have over three years of experience working with communities directly focusing on community empowerment, tree planting and education for vulnerable groups and orphans. As projects coordinator of Real Agency For Community Development (RACD), a nongovernmental organization in Western Uganda partnering with Western Ankole Civil Society Forum on the project called Harnessing Citizens Power and Voice in Ankole region where by serving as District Coordinator focusing on recruiting the Sub county Mwalimus, Youth Art performing groups from Bukanga County to use them to perform civic education work. This helped me to identify and analyze the problems facing the communities and organization. I am the founder of RACD, an NGO focusing on support of vulnerable groups and orphans. I have been connecting children who are both vulnerable and orphans to funders and schools for help so that they can be of great importance in the near future. Refer to www.racd-uganda.org. I have skills in mobilization, Communication, Creativity and fundraising on small scale. I hold first Degree of Business Administration from Bishop Stuart University, Certificates like public Administration from Africa Population Consult(APC), financial Management and accounting course from Africa Population Institute, Computer application, guidance and counseling, a member in the institute of certified Public accountants of Uganda also in 2012, completed two courses that regulate investigators and staff who conduct FDA regulated research or international research with investigational drugs and devices according to ICH Guidelines like CITI Good Clinical Practice Course and Human Subjects Protection Training both from University of California, San Francisco.

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sensitising youth about the project

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