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environment, health, poverty reduction , elderly , sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

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we are helping families in poor area by provide environmental jobs through manufacture home furniture modern high-quality , low-cost environmental and Household by using palm fronds and palm waste in Aswan . Nakhla seeks to achieve social responsibility towards the community, where the project provides job opportunities for people with special needs and womens heads, and young people without work in disadvantaged villages in Upper Egypt. Especially since those villages where almost non-existent factories and companies, or large commercial projects, but the youth depends on to work as day laborers in addition to it is constantly not available, along with the low level of education, which does not entitle them to careers in government or private sectors. Nakhla found a creative Innovative solution to create jobs and work simple honest literalness creative through the exploitation of waste palm (palm fronds) in the creative industries .

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The safe disposal of waste palm: by reducing the proportion of environmental pollution resulting from the burning remnants of palm fronds and the consequent chest diseases, allergies and conjunctivitis as a result of the burning of the ladies of the remnants of palm fronds. In addition to achieving a humane side in the reduction of road accidents as a result of dumping waste palm fronds in the public roads, causing death and injury. A -Improve the economic level of the heads of women through the provision of job opportunities for domestic manufacturing household products from palm fronds. B-push Aswan to appear on the map in the industrial production of the modern home furniture, where the company was able to develop traditional products of palm fronds to products demountable installation and attractive forms suitable for all segments of society and the competition for manufacturers of modern furniture from wood and plastic. Nakhla measure its success by the four elements of which are as follows: - 1. The success of the product and the main objective of this measure is to know how successful the product is delivered to the target (specifications, product quality). 2. Successful management of the project and this measure is to assess whether the project management has been successfully delivered according to the business plan focuses on the measurement time and cost. 3. Measuring the success of the project, which is achieved by measuring your overall objective of the project. 4. The success of the project and the goal of this measure is the fourth dedicated to assess whether the results of the project due to the achievement of the expected benefits.

Sustainability and future plans

Value Added - 1. Provide job opportunities for young people of both sexes. 2. High quality furniture and a healthy competitor. 3. Household products cheap. 4. Improve the standard of living. 5. Creative industries. 6. Games environmentally friendly. 7. safe disposal remnants of palm customer segment 1. Local markets. 2. Villages and tourist resorts and clubs and cafes. 3. Categories from A to Z. channels 1. Provide the product in local markets. 2. Increase Exhibitions . 3. Choose from a catalog on the website customer relationships 1. customer service . 2. direct sales . store . 4. catalog . 5. participation in Exhibitions. key activities . 1. Product Development 2. Foreign exhibitions 3. Online store. key resources . 1. palm waste . 2. Workshop key partners . 1. NGO 2. Tourist resorts 3. International Exhibitions 4. The Leader of natural Continuity of the project: - ยท The project is based on sales revenue of furniture made from palm fronds, especially as the raw materials used in industry low cost, and ease of disassemble and transportation of the product in the province to the other, so the return of investment is appropriate. The project also depends on the sales of sold produce from the ladies of household products, which bring them the profit margin. Nakhla growth Will be to reach the target by officials of marketing and publications, Catalog, which will be distributed through the shop and electronic products, palm trees. As well as providing product developer ecosystem made of palm fronds for the first time a product demountable and ease of installation can export.

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My names khaled mousa , my date of birth 21 of December 1987 ( 26 years old ) , i graduate from Cairo University since May 2009 , i got a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Commerce my Major study in Accounting . My Career history worked as Accountant in Local Community Development Association for the family in Aswan . Achievements 1. Got a grant from the Academy of Scientific Research to travel to Malaysia for training. 2. Won the Startup weekend Battle (during 2013). 3. Got the first place in the Startup weekend Aswan. 4. Obtain a prize from MC Egypt for the idea of the project.

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