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Published on June 21, 2014 um 16:34

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Ruko Klampis Mega A-38
60016 Surabaya

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Executive Director

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registered company

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education , youth

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Summary of your enterprise is founded to get all the stakeholders of higher education to meet in the middle and give youth the best value for their college degrees, one country at a time. Sarjana was started in Indonesia as an online portal to achieve full access and transparency to higher education admissions information, and as a grassroots movement to empower youth to pursue college and increase their chance to get gainful employment. Out of over three thousand universities, only few invest in student counseling, providing accurate information online and online/social media recruiting. As a cooperative for universities that help market their academic programs, Sarjana provides a one-stop shop providing accurate information from tuition fees and program accreditation to tips for passing entrance examinations and financing education. We work to gradually increase the countrys higher education enrollment rate, which is now only at 23 percent of total high school graduates. After 2 years in operation, we have become the mediator between universities, high schools, scholarship programs, government and prospective students. With a small annual membership fee, Sarjana advises universities on their recruitment strategy that is relevant to youth behavior and interests today. Sarjana has also facilitated on-the-ground recruiting efforts by organizing education fairs and inviting members to high school visits and events. We invest in current university students to share their learning experience at their university and train younger students to use the online portal. Sarjana has also been experimenting with methods to collaborate with universities in order to lower financial barriers to enrollment. The vision is to get every seat filled. Several members have lowered or eliminated their application fees.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Our short-term goal that we have achieved was to build the audience for the portal and a following of volunteers and young freelance advocates to execute a regional campaign for higher education enrollment. We invest in social media and print media outreach (for those with limited internet connection). As of June 2014, the size of our online community is now at 17 thousand verified users and over 2 thousand social media followers. Students interact with us daily through Live Chat and social media to get their questions answered. We have recruited over 700 member universities who benefit from Sarjanas online and offline networks to recruit students, as well as 150 high schools who benefit from our education counseling.

Sustainability and future plans

We continue to build our membership base and create paid advertising and recruiting platforms to generate revenues. To get every seat filled, we are formulating a multi-sector partnership to match students with (1) universities that offer program relevant to their career aspirations, (2) foundation and government scholarship programs, and (3) potential employers who need these students as future employees and are willing to provide apprenticeships and/or education loans. Universities in the partnership are required to lower their tuition fees to participate, and the remaining amount will either be paid by prospective students or by scholarship funds. Corporations, as potential employers, contribute funding for Sarjana's student recruitment efforts and to invest in students education and training, and in return, gain access to highbred apprentices and graduates. In 5 years, we plan to build offices/student centers in 5 major cities in Indonesia to allow students get counseling in person and access our wealth of resources. These centers will also offer academic and professional training for youth.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Setra Yappi believes in the power of the private sector in producing ventures for social and economic advancement. He has over 7 years of experience founding and running multiple initiatives related to promoting higher education in Indonesia. Trained as an engineer and international development professional, he believes in using technology and partnerships to improve access and lower the cost of education. Born in 1986 in Surabaya, Indonesia, Setra grew up in an entrepreneurial family as his parents started a business from scratch. Though it was always difficult to make ends meet, Setra's parents always believed in investing in their children education, which to them was a lifetime asset that they can provide. Through financial hardships, Setra was able to obtain scholarships to complete his university education. With this experience, Setra started a university scholarship program for underprivileged youth in Indonesia, while he himself was completing his education. He raised funds from Indonesians around the world for one-on-one sponsorships. In 2011, Setra went back to school to pursue his passion for social entrepreneurship and mustered the courage to solve a monstrous problem. As he was helping youth to enroll in universities, he found that universities are very reluctant to invest in making their presence known to prospective students, and that there is a stigma that university education is always and increasingly expensive. Then, he created a solution and built a team to help youth find tens of thousands of formal and informal higher education programs around the country that they can afford.

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July 26, 2014 07:48

As a fellow Indonesian, I am so proud with and the founder, Mr. Setra Yappi. This is not just about expanding the opportunity for youth education but it is a movement !! As a growing nation, Indonesua have their own challenges, but most importantly we need to give the opportunity for our next generation and commitment to support them , not just from the Giverment, but also from the University in all Provinces and from private sector.

.Indonesia is in need to have more of youth that can envision themselves to be the next leaders , entrepreneur , scientist ,thinker , doctors, engineer , so higher learning / education must be the top priority for the nation 's youth. I see it clearly , that Sarjana 's presence is very important because it provides the tool and guidance for each of them to achieve.


July 25, 2014 04:59

Great job, Setra! I know this project will give a hope for the kids in Indonesia to get a better chance for their future.

July 24, 2014 01:37 fills an important gap that is currently missing in the Indonesian higher education space, which is the lack of information and comparison across different types of post-secondary education options, of which there are many (almost too many for the average high school student to navigate). Having a one-stop site where this information is available is immensely valuable and will facilitate higher enrollment which ultimately benefits not only the individual student but also the community and the economy. Great venture!

July 22, 2014 18:56

Indonesia needs you to win so that many talented kids in Indonesia who cant afford college can continually be supported and trained to be what they aspire to be without having the fear of not being able to support themselves financially. There are a lot of talented and independently motivated kids in Indonesia who need you and your projects to goal!! Youths also need the kind of educational support they need so they can be guided and know exactly where they are heading, bringing forward the talents they already have to a better direction and I'm glad Sarjana is playing a big part in this!! So Yes... we hope you win this for Indonesia... for the kids!!

July 22, 2014 06:25

Maybe in other countries information is easily accessible. But in Indonesia, it is a precious and valuable commodity. We need this project to win! Wish you all the best!

July 17, 2014 10:28

Keep up the good work! I hope you win this for Indonesia. Best of luck.