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Name of Enterprise

Martian Technologies


NO.1 ogundiwin house, alhaji akande layout basorun Ibadan Oyo state +2347038555997
234 Ibadan

Your title/position

Chief executive officer (CEO)

Type of Enterprise

registered company

Enterprise has a positive impact on

education , cultural diversity

Year the enterprise was founded


Summary of your enterprise

This project is a computer aided multidialectal teaching system (CAMTS) that is adopted and used as teaching tool in schools. The age group considered for now is 3 years to 5 years old. Our objective is the provision of a software tool that enables nursery school pupils learn and interact using three dialects from three Nigerian tribes (i.e. Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba),one dialect in Togolese tribe (i.e. Ewe which is very similar to french) and Chinese (mandarin). The multidialectal component of the system gives room for easy teaching by the teachers(and also teachers learn from this) and easy learning by the pupils in their native dialects, other dialects and even foreign languages . Moreover, both teachers and pupils have opportunity to learn another dialect (even other languages) aside their own dialects or language. CAMTS is flexible and can be scaled up to accommodate other dialects and languages such that it can be adapted to other environments aside Nigeria, Togo and china. CAMTS as also been designed to fit into the schools curriculum or syllabus and also be used at home by the kids at there leisure time.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Teaching kits are essential to help children learn inside and outside the conventional classroom environment. The multidialectal/multilingual software (CAMTS) is an artificial teaching assistant to the teachers to teach pupils in their mother-tongue dialect or other languages. CAMTS stands out from the normal teaching kits, because of the introduction of different dialects, using dialects in Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Togo , Chinese (mandarin) and dynamic enough to take more languages. African children can have a way to interact with the day to day school work in a dialect they are conversant with and even learn a new language (which ever one the parent, Guardian or school management wants). This brings about mental improvement for the kids and it's a means to minimize illiteracy and increase exposure. This will help create very intelligent kids.

Sustainability and future plans

KEY PARTNERS Beryl Chrysolite School, Seun Osuntoki, Aida Tetegan. KEY ACTIVITIES Development of a software that enhance teaching and learning, Development of a system that makes teaching and learning fun and easy. KEY RESOURCES IT infrastructure, Graphic designer, programmer, language expert , professional ,Customers list, financial assets. VALUE PROPOSITION Virtual learning environment, Teaching Tutor. CHANNELS Physical, Internet, Mobile, Web enable direct interaction email. REVENUE STREAMS Software Sale, Subscriptions. COST product development, Infrastructures cost, Graphic designer, Marketing. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP Physical Interaction CUSTOMERS SEGMENT Schools, Educational Institution, Parents, Teachers. Research will put the following into consideration for future works: a. Development of teaching aids for students in age group that is above 5 years b. Enhance CAMTS to teach all Arithmetic and Mathematics operations(In different languages and dialect). c. Enhance CAMTS teach other subjects and more languages. d. Improve on the functionality of CAMTS in order to accommodate the dialects and languages of other countries. e. Improvement on the system such that physically challenged pupils (e.g. deaf, dumb and blind) can use it for learning

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am 22 years old, I am the first child of my parent I have 3 siblings (2 girls and a boy).I graduated from The Bells University Of Technology, Nigeria. With a B.TECH in computer science. I am a type of person who likes to learn new things especially languages i find it fascinating. Then one day i thought to myself what if I was introduced to languages early in life how many languages would I have known by now am sure at least 7. Then I started thinking of how I can introduce language to the younger ones along side with their curriculum. This is how I got the motivation for CAMTS. So far so good a school in Nigeria which is the first school we went to as agreed to implement our system when a new session begins.

screenshot of ibo dialect

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July 30, 2014 09:25

Thanks a lot but please do you know any school in Abuja i can go to

July 30, 2014 09:02

Segun, thank you for this innovtion. You have my vote. Schools in abuja will appreciate this more.

July 28, 2014 22:53

thank you

July 28, 2014 22:51

I come from Nigeria, and one thing that I observed is that we are gradually losing our native language. I think innovation such as should be supported. You have my vote.

July 10, 2014 09:22

Thank you. It also supports foreign languages

July 10, 2014 09:12

Wonderful concept, It would ensure that our native language does not die out as it has been threatening to do in recent times and it is good that you are currently targeting kids who are between the ages of 3 and 5,you are trying to catch them young..

July 5, 2014 20:56

Great Perspective

July 2, 2014 16:50