The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Batter For Better

Published on June 29, 2014 um 20:31

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education , health, food security, poverty reduction , empowerment of women, youth

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With just a trifle amount of pocket money, Cuppys entered the world of online bakeries. Over the years, business grew, a fraction of the retained profit became the source of investment; free YouTube videos -the most patient teacher; and face book the platform where we publicized our products in a click. Now you must be thinking that it took endless hours of work every day to establish this small enterprise. True, it required some effort and a lot of passion but I built my business, brick by brick, working only at nights and attending school during the day. Today we supply to dozens of keen clients each day and now we feel that it is a moral obligation to give back to the community.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Theres an old saying in our culture; if you do not eat, you are going to die but if you eat, you are still going to die. To me, this saying not only accentuates the role of food in our lives, but also subtly, yet comprehensively, highlights both sides of the coin, when it comes to food security and health. Impecunious people spend the better half of the day starving, while the more fortunate ones tend to lean towards rapacity. Our project Batter for Better, is designed to tackle both these issues, which are prevalent in our society, and all around the globe. One of the projects main aims is to promote good health and knowledge of food. We always endeavor to substitute ingredients with high-fat content for healthier alternatives. Knowing what is in the food you consume is essential in this regard, and so we tell our customers all the ingredients used, and try to explain the chemical reactions that result from consumption. The best way to reach out to those below the poverty line is through education. The Cuppys team often visits schools for underprivileged children offering free meals to the students, teaching them about hygiene and how to maintain a balanced diet. Through our innovative ideas, we have been able to impact multiple facets of society. We use only ingredients produced in our own country, rather than imported ones. This not only makes our products cheaper, but also increases demand in the local market. Unemployment is another sector we try to impact.. Cuppys focuses on hiring people, especially students, who are passionate and willing to work, regardless of their skill-set or abilities. We also arrange bake sales and charity events, the proceeds from which are donated to NGOs and other foundations that help the poor.

Sustainability and future plans

At present: At the start line of our enterprise is the website where customers flip through our menus and place an order. A trained Cuppys employee responds to all the queries and concerns of our customers on a daily basis. The orders are then organized, and sent to the Cuppys kitchen. Once the orders are in, our chefs begin to prepare the products. The products delivered on the same day, keeping the freshness intact. The fundamental recipe to success of any business is the harmony between all the sectors. In Cuppys we ensure that all the sectors have a flawless method of communication, and work effortlessly to maintain our standards. In the future: Cuppys is successful as a small business, but we are far from our target. In a few years, we hope to expand business beyond district boundaries. New partners and investors will be the source of capital as well as exhortation. We will also introduce a simple furcated system, where individuals will be able to buy a Cuppys outlet with a minimum sum of money, paid through installments without interest. We will focus on people who do not have the skills to enter any other form of employment as candidates for this project. We will also provide helpful insights and tutorials on how to run a business using online videos and practical classes. We also intend to work closely with more schools for the underprivileged and more NGOs, encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Zeba Fariha Khan. I am seventeen years old, and an entepreneur. Although it may be hard to believe that such families still exist, I come from that part of the world where women are not encouraged to become independent at such a young age. In respecting and complying with my family traditions, I have been deprived of the chance of learning music or dance, engaging in sports or anything else, beyond the high school education. Restricted to the boundaries of my home, I turned to cooking and learnt to express my creativity through flavours. I was always passionate about baking, and stoked those embers into a fire that eventually culminated into an online business. I always dreamt of using my baking skills to do something magnanimous, and beneficial to others. The opportunity arose when I met a girl, Roksana, blind in one eye, and losing sight in the other. The Cuppys team arranged a bake-sale, to raise the money needed for her surgery. Months later, when we visited her home, we were appalled to see the conditions in which she lived. We immediately decided we had to do something. We launched our project Colours of Promise, where we are collecting artworks to be auctioned in an exhibition, and use the money raised to build Roksana a house, and a stable environment to live and continue her education. Roksana is just one of the thousands I want to be able to help through our activities. I believe that, whatever one can do, even something as simple as baking, can be used for the betterment of people. I hope to inspire those, whose abilities and attributes are being stifled, to find that strength, will and self-belief, so that they can become independent and start giving back.

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