afemmak stores

Published on July 1, 2014 um 13:22

Name of Enterprise

afemmak stores


Bioyin Street 12
23401 Ijaiye-Ojokoro, Lagos.

Your title/position


Type of Enterprise

informal program/project

Enterprise has a positive impact on

peace-building, environment, education , health, food security, poverty reduction , elderly , sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

Year the enterprise was founded



Summary of your enterprise

Afemmak stores is an innovative set-up which will later develop into a world class venture. Its main objective is providing quality goods and services to the community at an affordable price.We intend targeting friends and families, then gradually expanding to neighbors and the community at large. We are going to give periodic health talks and campaigns to the community at intervals and pharmaceutical care to customers that need it. The elderly, youths women,etc. will be involved in this project.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

We will inspire innovation. We will ensure that the business is computerized. We will also ensure that there is periodic audit and stock-taking to monitor our progress over time.

Sustainability and future plans

We will start up with my personal income as a Pharmacist and from contributions from friends and family. We also intend to refinance the project with profits from the business and expand in the nearest future.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am 24 years old. I am male by gender, Christian by religion, a Pharmacist by profession and a motivational speaker as an hobby. I grew up in an Air Force base in the city of Lagos, attended military school from daycare till secondary level and I attended one of the best universities in Nigeria. I love creating a peaceful environment wherever I go and I am always determined to learn and excel. I am motivated by the word of God and by people who have persevered positively in this difficult world.

Work in progress

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August 1, 2014 11:06

my vote is #40, the idea is nice,

July 14, 2014 11:43

keep toward!

July 6, 2014 00:14

Thanks Aranu. I'll check your project.

July 5, 2014 08:48

Great Idea Aranu
Just voted for your project

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That's my project