Articulet Survivors

Published on June 29, 2014 um 23:19

Name of Enterprise

Articulet Edutainment


Lucas Road

Your title/position

Founder/Managing Director

Type of Enterprise

registered company

Enterprise has a positive impact on

peace-building, education , health, poverty reduction , cultural diversity, empowerment of women, youth, other: Rural Development, Mental health

Year the enterprise was founded

Formally registered in March 2014 but existed from before informally as a group of creative friends wanting to make a positive impact.

Summary of your enterprise

Articulet Survivors started out of a need to assist the survivors of a deadly fire which took place at the Armadale Juvenile Correctional facility in 2009. We have been assisting with daily survival, paid school fees for those who now have children and looking forward to helping the young ladies go back to school and get back their lives on track after the traumatic experience. A percentage of all our bookings as well as fundraising events have helped us so far and we are restructuring to ensure sustainability and greater impact. Articulet is a Creative-Social enterprise which offers life changing, engaging and entertaining creative and cultural solutions. We combine the latest technology with creativity to entertain change at the grassroots, social, corporate and governmental levels. We do this through creative advocacy and edutainment delivered via inspired or custom made spoken word/dub poetry, theatre, music, storytelling and other visual and performing arts. We are about doing things differently so while we want to see change we understand the value of being cutting edge and fresh all the time. Street Theatre is one form which allows us to perform in non-traditional spaces and to engage target audiences in their own space. We plan and execute events including high impact social intervention programmes and behaviour change communication campaigns. We also aim to provide opportunities for exposure to young talents and young people in general as we know the importance of exposure to personal development. We aim to empower young people through the arts to make them employable or able to establish their own means of survival especially in but not limited to the creative industries.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Sustainable development is the reason why we exist. The holistic development of individual is our concern and we do this through creative expressions. Empowerment also includes allowing individuals to earn so that they can provide for themselves and their families as they case may be. Everytime our talents are booked, a young person earns and is kept off the streets, prevented from begging or falling in the ranks of unemployed . Our creative material, our workshops and outreach projects all work to empower underserved and marginalized communities. For example, we have been working with the survivors of a fire at the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Facility who are struggling to get their lives back on track after their time in the facility came to an end. Many now have the physical scars to show put with the emotional trauma. This has been one of the driving forces behind our work and we have been assisting them informally for over three years as we now seek to establish the Articulet Survivors Fund which will ensure a structured and sustainable approach to our outreach efforts. We have also done several sessions with youth and community groups, at different schools. As a result of our work, the group received the Commonwealth Youth award for Excellence in Development Work using Arts and Culture, 2013. We have been successful in providing opportunities for earning and travel to learn about other cultures. Corporate companies have used our services and we have regular support when we stage events and those are markers for success just like any other enterprise of this nature in the creative industries. What sets us apart is the fact that bringing about change and having a positive impact is at the core of our existence.

Sustainability and future plans

We are a social enterprise. In fact, every gig that our talents get, a percentage goes back into our social projects or to a specific cause. We believe that talents must be used as a force for good and that individuals should also be able to earn from their creativity and ideas. Jamaica has alot of talented individuals with much to offer to the world in terms of culture and creativity and that is what Articulet is tapping into. The creative industries are growing and did so even throughout the global economic downturn. At the same time, social issues are many and range from unemployment, issues of child abuse and neglect, children in conflict with the law, rural negligence, lack of opportunities, gender issues and poverty. Our present and future goals include empowering underserved communities and in the process help individuals to find their talents and provide opportunities for them to express and use those talents to impact lives positively while also earning. There is little start up capital available but all members chip in. We are currently pursuing loan options as well as crowdfunding to raise funds to execute the many ideas and projects that we have. We plan to establish different arms focusing on areas like climate change, unattached youth, rural development, mental health and other issues. We will be seeking out performance opportunities aggressively as well as opportunities to go on overseas tours to perform at different events. We also have several fundraising and commercial events in the pipeline like festivals, theatre productions, poetry events and workshops.We will also work with the survivors to create creative empowerment tools to use with other potential survivors as well as products that can be sold to generate income such as shirts.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am a 26 years old young man who grew up in the rural community of Garden Field in St. Thomas, Jamaica. I am a Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship trained Creative and Social Entrepreneur. I am Founder and managing Director of Articulet and previously founded the International Kreative Aktivism Ntework (IKAN) which started the initial work with the Armadale survivors. I am a final year student (on leave of absence) at the University of the West Indies where I am pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Sociology. I am an award winning Reggae-Dub/Spoken Word Poet delivering life changing and entertaining performances. I am a professional performer who is also a screen, stage and voice actor and sometimes play the role of motivational facilitator. Recently, I became a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and in March of 2013, received the Prime Ministers Youth Award for Excellence in Arts and Culture as well as the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development work through arts and culture. As a young student leader I was Head Boy of Excelsior High School and Deputy Head Boy of Wolmers Boys School. I have had the opportunity of engaging audiences and participating in functions locally, regionally and internationally as a Dub Poet, Actor, Facilitator and Youth Leader. Countries visited include Zambia, Manchester, Birmingham and London (02 Arena) in the UK as well as Canada, Venezuela, Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. I am about impacting lives positively by merging my passions for culture, arts, leadership and youth development. I am also heavily influenced and motivated by my humble background which is why I am so interested in rural development.

Behind the scenes of video shoot for Armadale:children on fire

Flyer for one of our fundraisingsuccessful events

Performance at an event with Sir Richard Branson

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