Lets Create Africa

Published on June 27, 2014 um 23:19

Name of Enterprise

Lets Create Africa


00200 Nairobi

Your title/position

Founder & C.E.O.

Type of Enterprise

nonprofit organization , informal program/project , other: Hybrid Social Entreprise

Enterprise has a positive impact on

peace-building, education , health, food security, poverty reduction , sustainable trade, cultural diversity, empowerment of women, youth, other: Promoting the Creative Economy

Year the enterprise was founded


Summary of your enterprise

We simply Network Creative Talent across Africa. As a first of a kind hybrid -social enterprise- organization in Africa, we seek to bring about social change through market focused business activities. Lets Create Africas (L.C.A.- our non profit parent organization) and M.U.N.A. Group Ltd.(our for-profit business arm) is a business model designed to scale and the organization expects to have five official sites within Africa over the coming couple of years. Our Mission is to: Create Innovative Solutions for Creative Needs. Our Vision is to: Turn Dreams into Reality. - By investing and collaborating with like-minded Individuals and Businesses willing to challenge the status quo. We are Proudly African; we are Passionate about Africa, and we believe in being part of the African Solution, to the African Problems. We believe in a Creative Africa; in exploring and exploiting the merits of a greatly ignored but upcoming Creative Economy in Africa. Our innovative approach involves working with, refining and incubating individuals and/or organizations bearing unique and varied talents birthed out of a concern towards the promotion and progressive growth of arts, culture and humanities. We believe that most of this individuals and/or organizations bear a great chance and responsibility in providing simple, sustainable and easy to replicate solutions to the common problems that affect Africa as a continent, and its minority group composing of the youth, women and the disabled i.e. high youth unemployment, tribal conflicts, illiteracy, health and sanitation, poverty, lack of a trade policy to cater for a fast growing creative economy, cultural diversity among many others. Our main objective is but not limited to enhancing Africas creative and dynamic way of life by turning creative and innovative ideas into reality and using the same to create local solutions to local needs.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

In the past one year (just to name a few), we've been able to: 1. Create awareness for the need of sanitary pads to the women in remote areas of Kenya (in conjunction with Garden of Hope Foundation). 2. Brand and market the importance and pursuit of music education to children and as an alternative source of employment for music oriented youths (in conjunction with International Maestro Centre). 3. Promote young farmers by marketing and selling their products to clients via home delivery services. 4. Promote, brand and market creatives interested in pursuing their skills e.g. Dancer, Graphic Designer, Crafts and wares designer among many others, empowering them with skills to enhance self-sustenance and alternative sources of income. As weve been in operation for only a year, weve been using the Our Piece of the Pies decision method to focus our services on Creatives, and that has enabled us to: 1. Establishing a clear set of program milestones tied to our goals of deepening our creative youth programs. 2. Create milestones that will specify not only the number of creative youths served, but also the hours and types of services they received. 3. The management team will also begin to scope out specific targets for desired outcomes, such as the percentage of creative youths obtaining intellectual property protection and/or certification, vocational certification or graduating from a two- or four-year college program. 4. To gauge how Our Piece of the Pie is doing vis-à-vis these milestones, staff will track each participant on entry, throughout the individuals involvement within our projects, at exit, and one year after exit.

Sustainability and future plans

Lets Create Africas (L.C.A. non-profit parent organization) and M.U.N.A. Group(our for-profit business arm) is a business model designed to scale and the organization expects to have five official sites within Africa over the coming couple of years. As a first of a kind hybrid -social enterprise- organization in Africa, we seek to bring about social change through market focused business activities. As a start-up, weve successfully provided individuals and/or organizations with opportunities to share their ideas and monetize their Creative talents by providing unique solutions to clientele while promoting creative self-sustenance and advocacy on promoting a creative economy in Africa. The organization has developed various services (projects) that promote the existence and growth of a Creative Economy i.e. - L.C.A. LOUNGE - L.C.A. WRITERS. - L.C.A. SCI-HOME. - L.C.A. FARMYARD. - L.C.A. ARTS HOME. - L.C.A. FOUNDATION. helping both individuals and/or organizations to creatively make sense and cents of their creative ideas and/or opportunities. The business has had a window of opportunity to introduce its services and gain a significant piece of market share in Nairobi, Kenya via a long-term sustainable revenue model of fees-for-services approach catering for like-minded institutions, with a mix of grant and donor support. Successively, the Foundation has opened a for-profit arm (M.U.N.A. Group) that will help raise more funds via providing services to for-profit institutions and individuals at a fee meant solely to earn a profit that will be used to grow Lets Create Africas reach.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I was born in 21st August, 1987 and the first-born in a family of three. I believe my journey begun with the death of my father in April 23rd, 2002. Growing up through the years seeing my mother struggle all alone to cater for her young family, I got involved early into entrepreneurship just to help her with the financial obligations. Many people thought Id never go to the university and/or really make it in life, but a degree in International Business Administration and many years pursuit(s) into the murky and dreary waters of entrepreneurship and youth empowerment has kept me going and believing that anybody else can make it too. My motivation is greatly fuelled by the fire of God, Love, Life and Laughter. I'm passionate about "Turning ideas into Reality". By Creating innovative solutions for Creative needs. I like Innovators, Thinkers and Art which has given me an exposure and insight into reaching, meeting and working with such like-minded individuals. http://about.me/higgz http://ke.linkedin.com/in/waihigakmuturi

Me, Myself and I.

Free Thinking

L.C.A.Farmyard - A day in the life of our young farmers.

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