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1A Hughes Avenue, Off Herbert Macaulay Road

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Head of Product

Type of Enterprise

registered company

Enterprise has a positive impact on

education , youth

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Summary of your enterprise

Tutor.ng is an online learning platform designed to make education accessible by engaging Nigerians with online courses, meetups, tutorials, and virtual live classes. Tutor.ng provides educators/tutors with tools to create online courses, upload content and schedule interactive live classes which can be used for tutorials and meetups. Bearing in mind that Nigerians have limited exposure to elearning tools and standards we also hold a series of train the trainer workshops to help educators get familiar with the use of elearning tools used in creating learning content like videos, notes, assessment and interactive. These lessons are taught using standard software like the office suite, camtasia, articulate just to mention a few. We have also developed a mobile application that was designed for the African market bearing in mind the challenge of accessibility to reliable internet connection. The mobile application caches course content including videos, notes and assessment. This allows users go through course content at their convenience and without the need for subsequent connections to the internet for that course. We have also partnered with sterio.me in extending our learning content over interactive voice and SMS lessons which increases our penetration as these content can be accessed with a feature phone with no need for internet connections.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

A huge challenge in Nigeria is that classrooms are mostly over populated thereby reducing the engagement each student receives from his/her teacher. The platform aids in-classroom learning by allowing teachers create courses with extra materials and tutorials to reinforce in-classroom learning and improve learning outcomes. A success story of this was with a post graduate course in the University of Lagos. Most of the students of this course had day jobs hence combining work with having to attend classes was greatly affecting their learning outcomes. Our approach was to create extra course material and meetups on tutor.ng by an experience tutor. Students enrolled for this course in large numbers and could easily go over difficult concepts learnt in class at their own pace and convenience. This success has spurred us into seeking partnerships with education institutions into the use of our platform to reinforce in-classroom learning. We have also partnered with sterio.me in extending our learning content over interactive voice and SMS lessons which increases our penetration as these content can be accessed with a feature phone with no need for internet connections. This is key for a developing country like Nigeria as a vast majority of it's citizens don't have access to the internet and providing learning content over inbound GSM voice calls and SMS will help reach them.

Sustainability and future plans

The system is designed to generate revenue both for the platform and tutors who signup. The platform has a subscription model for tutors and tutors in return can charge their students. We also have courses curated by an experienced team in our organisation that provide verified courses both free and paid with revenue going to the company. Our workshops are held in partnership with institutions who provide resources for the workshop as there are a lot of institutions who face the same educational challenges we solve.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I'm Co-founder and Head of Product tutor.ng, Enterprise Architect, Learning Technologist. Founder and Director at Exolve Technologies Limited and has worked with 2 leading Nigerian universities in deploying blended elearning systems. As an entrepreneur I Grew a software development and technology consulting firm (Exolve) from a one-man operation firm to a thriving business of going concern with a staff strength of over 15 people. My motivation right from the moment I left the University was creating opportunities for people to create value and tutor.ng is an outcome of that as well as an ongoing business I founded that allows users monetize their social media channels which was a huge success in the Nigerian twitter community. I'm 28 years old and based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Me giving a lecture on creating effective training videos at our last workshop

Chris Pruijsen, a partner and facilitator talking on mobile learning

Picture of all three facilitators at the last tutor.ng workshop

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