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Codewell Unlimited DOO


Tashkentska - Postal Box 722 12b.
1001 Skopje
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of

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Co-Founder - CTO

Type of Enterprise

registered company

Enterprise has a positive impact on

peace-building, environment, other: city management

Year the enterprise was founded


Summary of your enterprise

Our main focus is to provide mobile users with smart solutions to help them in their daily life. Since 2011, we are building native mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows, and BB) and cross platforms mobile solutions for a wide array of clients from all over the world. Now is the right time for us to focus on our own application and have a positive impact on the world. In large cities or in small towns, with hundreds of streets, lights, and public equipment, it is hard to keep an eye on everything that happens! See.Click.Fix aims at helping the municipalities by providing them with a collaborative tool that citizens can use to instantly report issues and to help the city services to improve the public space management. The innovative approach is a combination of a backend system with a social platform and a mobile application. Users can report issues they face within the city by simply taking a picture of the issue within the app, and the municipalities have the chance to visualize and to access these data on a dashboard specifically designed for their needs. The main objective for the city is to smooth down the public management processes as the city services will have a direct access and information on the problems reported. The citizens will also have access to a website where they can follow and keep track of the issues they have reported: See.Click.Fix is fully transparent and displays the status of each issue. In addition, the users will be able to vote and support issues, fostering communication and strengthening the relationship between the city services and the citizens. With See.Click.Fix, we empower the citizens by making them actors of their cities and impacting it for the better.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

As our solution has been already deployed in three municipalities of Macedonia, we can see the results and benefits. It helped municipalities to better plan the maintenance of their streets by setting up schedules accordingly to the most frequently reported problems. Indeed, these issues seemed to be the most problematic and the use of our application allowed the cities to understand where to act first in order to have an immediate impact. The measures to evaluate the success of such system depend greatly on the usage of the application and the involvement of the municipalities in the project: level of transparency within each city, number of users, number of reports, number of actions taken by the cities to solve these issues, level of satisfaction of the citizens concerning their public service (year before the implementation, and year after it in order to compare), number of ideas posted by the users, decrease/increase in the number of calls to the public service, and number of complaints by the citizens. Overall the idea behind the system is really to save money for the municipalities by improving their action plan and reducing the complaints (also number of calls made to the different services), but also to improve the quality of the environment and infrastructure within these cities. We truly think our application can have a positive impact on the society. On the other hand, using such system should improve the citizen satisfaction as they have now a tool to efficiently report issues and prevent further damages. As the system will be used, further improvements should give even better results in terms of waste reduction, traffic conditions, and street and infrastructure maintenance. Also, the application saves precious time by avoiding the traditional problem reporting which goes either through the phone or by paper request.

Sustainability and future plans

As mentioned previously, the system is implemented in three municipalities of Macedonia as a pilot project, which helped us developing a better application and back end system. After further development and stress tests, we will open our solution to a greater number of cities in Macedonia and progressively throughout Europe. Our target market ranges from small municipalities to large cities that have no system or an outdated one. We will charge municipalities through a traditional pricing plan depending on the number of users/citizens the city has. Though, we dont intend to be overpriced, especially for the small cities that might not have the financial resources for it. With that idea in mind, the price for the small cities will go down as we grow and acquire more municipalities. The mobile application requires little maintenance and two developers will be in charge of it in Macedonia, full time. Concerning the backend system, as we develop, the number of developers in charge of it will increase accordingly in order to insure a perfect quality of the system, and to intervene as fast as possible in case of problems. Codewell Unlimited DOO has its own team of developers, designers, project managers, sales and marketing representatives that will make the system ready within a time period ranging from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the city. On top of it all, we wish to extend the range of features and reports available to the public such as reporting criminal issues (linked directly to the police), reporting health concerns, reporting fires or urgent cases (with a direct line available), reporting animal abandon, reporting corruptions or legal matters, and more.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Nino Karas: I am the Co-Founder & CTO of CodeWell a software development startup building intelligent mobile solutions for businesses, companies and organizations. I am a 23-year-old Macedonian entrepreneur and honored student at the National Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Macedonia. Along the two other co-founders, Martin Ancevski and Ljupco Despotovski, I have established a development team of young enthusiasts and engineers in order to create professional and innovative products that would be greatly recognized and valued on the global market. Although quite young, I am experienced in developing a wide range of mobile applications such as games, tools and utilities and I have a strong expertise in different cutting edge technologies. Until now I have achieved numerous awards and honors such as the 1st place at European Startup Weekend Battle competition with TraWell a mobile tourist guide, the 2nd place at Youth to Innovation European competition, and many medals on national and international competitions and Olympiads in informatics. One of my most intense memories was the TechCrunch Pitchoff Competition held in Boston, in November 2013. 20 startups out of 300 were invited to pitch their ideas/concept and it was truly an honor for Codewell to be able to pitch in front of an audience of highly skilled professionals. The time and energy spent on giving shape to Codewell have taught me crucial lessons when it comes to developing and running a company. Furthermore, I believe that my eager to learn new technologies and to develop amazing mobile applications, as well as a solid team within the startup, can help us to achieve global success. And See.Click.Fix is our way to reach it!

See.Click.Fix Mobile Application (in Macedonian)

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