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Global Youth Empowerment

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Operations Manager and Founding Member

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registered company

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education , youth

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Summary of your enterprise

GYEM is a Dubai-based, youth run social enterprise that offers cutting edge program to enable the youth launch their own social ventures in their communities. Our 3-part program, GYEM X, Y and Z are focused on innovation, self-discovery and social impact that are based on the best global practices such as Lean Start-up, Business Model Canvas, Stanford Design School design thinking, etc. The program is divided into 3 workshops with a total of 42 hours. X is 6 hours and focuses on community-needs analysis and rapid prototyping. Y is 12 hours that is split amongst 2 days and focuses on the power of habit and life purpose. Z is 24 hours split over 4 days and focuses on providing the tools for creating a social venture with challenges and events in between to constantly improve the youths skills. The program is facilitated by youth to encourage peer-to-peer education and is 80% cheaper than what is offered in the market. In addition, the youth are benefited with many other perks such as mentors from Ivy League schools, life-long membership, opportunity to facilitate the workshops and access to events such as skills sessions or meaningful conversations (GYEM hotspots). Our programs are also reviewed by Professors from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Wharton Social Impact Initiative and Zayed University. Our programs are flexible and can be implemented in any global context with the opportunity to be translated to fit any country.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Since 2010, GYEM has been able to interact with 4,100 youth through the events. As for the workshops, GYEM has had 500 participants go through the workshop with 20% youth empowered to launch their own social projects such as Cannonball Productions, Ethical Head, Green Santa, etc. Our qualitative measurements have indicated that 60% of the youth were inspired to take action and 80% feel socially responsible. GYEM has been awarded by Ashoka Youth Ventures in 2010 as Top 8 Young Social Entrepreneurs. In addition, in 2013, GYEM was a 2nd runner-up in the Dubai+Acumen Fund Social Business Plan Competition. And recently, in 2014, GYEM was chosen as one of the top 10 Startup with the Best Social Impact at the MIT Entreprise Forum Pan Arab Award.

Sustainability and future plans

GYEM aims to remove the burden off the youth and sells XYZ to schools operators and universities in order to allow their students go through the experience. The workshops are flexible and are spread across a time span as the school/university operators request. The workshops are delivered by high-energy and passionate youth facilitators who have been through the workshops previously. Simultaneously, the demand of a community for youth entrepreneurs is created through social media channels and public events. GYEM currently focuses on 6 clients (school operators and universities) which provide us an audience of 20,000+. In 5 years, an estimation of 1,500 youth-powered social ventures is projected to be established. In addition, its expected to spread across the Middle East with our current clients and the world in 7 years. This will also include reaching our programs in private schools and charity schools in UAE, delivering them to conflict areas and the main goal of integrating it into the International Baccalaureate/ International Curricula. GYEM is confident with its forecast due to the external factors pushing for social entrepreneurship. 60% of the youth in the Gulf Council Countries want to engage in their communities but do not know necessarily how (E4E, 2011). In addition, governments across the Middle East are emphasising entrepreneurship in higher education courses, whilst, theres an expected 10% annual growth rate in private schools enrolment the Gulf Council Countries.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Seaon Shin is a 23 years old Korean- American social entrepreneur. Shes currently studying Social Impact at Wharton School of Business. Seaon has co-founded GYEM after having an identity crisis during high school as she has was born and raised between the US and UAE. However, she has found that the importance of serving the community brings oneness and focuses on the importance of social capital and humanity. She wanted to bridge her passion and her purpose in life to be her job. Hence, the team, professors and entrepreneurs have come together to create on-action learning and dynamic program that could allow the rest of the youth discover their passion and serve the community positively while being sustainable. She has also partnered with Ruba Al Hassan, Social Development Advisor and Harvard MPA graduate who helped in accelerating GYEM and its program. Seaon is passionate about social entrepreneurship and was rewarded as one of Top 8 Young Social Entrepreneurs by Ashoka Youth Venture and was a participant of WISE Learners Conference in 2013. In addition, she was a speaker at the TEDx YSA at Washington, DC.

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