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Published on July 3, 2014 um 18:24

Name of Enterprise

Oyoun Masr Association (OMA)


Gamal Abd El-Nasser St., Victoria 31
21613 Alexandria

Your title/position

Head of Board of Directors

Type of Enterprise

nonprofit organization

Enterprise has a positive impact on

peace-building, education , sustainable trade, cultural diversity, youth

Year the enterprise was founded

27 April 2004

Summary of your enterprise

In framework of EuroMed Program managed by Youth Unit at the Egyptian Ministry of Youth. OMA in partnership with the youth and the business organizations in these countries: Egypt, France, Latvia, Italy, Tunis and Morocco as first stage. This aimed at developing the intra-regional trade between the Mediterranean countries and the European Union countries, especially the ones from the south to the north of the Mediterranean sea. Through developing the culture of CSR in EuroMed Countries in order to create new job opportunities and to achieve the real development in the south countries through new website database as a social community Overall objectives: o To explore quality aspects of sustainable Euro-Mediterranean partnership and Euro-Mediterranean youth projects o To learn about the social work with unemployed youth and migrants in different countries/regions. o To reflect and explore possibilities of non-formal education activities within the EuroMed Youth o To support projects with the focus on Unemployment, Migration, and Sustainable development. o To support participants to identify and start projects development in the framework of the cooperation with the neighboring countries. Specific objectives: o To stimulate and encourage the mutual understanding among the young people within the Euro-Mediterranean region and to fight the stereotypes and prejudice in their societies. o To stimulate the participants to feel and reflect the power of cooperation by experimenting the different kinds of non-formal educational methods. o To explore meanings, roles and complementarities of different actions and methods. o To understand the principles of program building in EuroMed. o To experience the culture of EuroMed countries through increasing the youth involvement in the training of local communities. o To fight the growing consuming approaches towards the young people in the non-formal education field. o To find all the ways leading to the economic integration between EuroMed countries.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Preparation Meeting: 13 : 14 July 2013 at Alexandria, one representative of each partner. Partnership building meeting: 25 : 31 January 2014 at Alexandria, Two representatives of each partner Final beneficiaries: o Professionals working on solving the problems of Unemployment o Migration and sustainable Development o Young migrants in the future projects o Unemployed youth seeking new opportunities o Businessmen and young Business Men in EuroMed countries o International Commerce chambers in different EuroMed countries o Businessmen Associations and unions -Officially launch our social community in June 2014

Sustainability and future plans

Annual fees of registered companies, ads, social campaigns and fees of the use of our social logo as a Label on all the products which will be exported from the south to the north called support youth. This is a supportive idea in the marketing process between the customers and the supporting companies. In order to eliminate the phenomenon of illegal immigration which negatively affects the European community; economically, socially and culturally. The voluntary youth work in this project will help to create new job opportunities in the south countries of the Mediterranean Sea. This will be achieved through these youth projects as indirect creative ways.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

30 years old, Member in Youth committee in Supreme council of culture, Vice-Secretary General of Alexandria council of Culture and Secretary General of EuroMed Youth Federation.

Project logo

Bibliotheca Alexandrina meeting

Businessmen Association workshop

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July 15, 2014 16:19

Muy buena propuesta, es un interesante programa y te vaticino un éxito seguro si sigues las pautas que se mencionan en su descripción. Si te interesa yo soy de México podemos mantener contacto.

Very good proposal is an interesting program and I predict you a success if you follow the guidelines mentioned in the description. If you are interested I am from Mexico can maintain contact.

Très bonne proposition est un programme intéressant et je vous prédire un succès si vous suivez les directives mentionnées dans la description. Si vous êtes intéressé, je suis du Mexique peut maintenir le contact.

. .

July 3, 2014 19:29

please vote for me as I also vote for you ,Vote for us now: