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CharityLights | Connecting Everyone For The Greater Good of The Planet

Published on July 4, 2014 um 11:48

Name of Enterprise

Pelita Cakrawala Inspirasi Foundation


Denki II Road 190
40253 Bandung

Your title/position

Co Founder & Chairman

Type of Enterprise

nonprofit organization

Enterprise has a positive impact on

poverty reduction , other: Technology, Economic Inclusion, Philantrophy

Year the enterprise was founded


Summary of your enterprise

CharityLights is a tech-driven initiative aims to improve peoples life through the use of technology benefitting humanity. We embrace powerful approach called Charitification, which we believe it is a solid foundation to connect everyone for the greater good of the planet. We harnesses the power of the CharityLights API (Application Programming Interface) to work together with multi stakeholders including Government, Private Sectors, NGOs, Developers & other civil society to make charity to be part of everyones lifestyle by making it to be more engaging, easier, & exciting. CharityLights API has these following features those will enable developers to build or integrate their apps ranging from games to productivity apps to be an impactful charity apps: 1. Donation Processing Engine (Non-Profit & Donor Data) 2. Dashboard Analytics 3. Impact Reporting & Monitoring Our first application which built on top of the CharityLights API is called Phiruntrophy. It is now available in Google Play & Windows Phone Store. Phiruntrophy allows you to record your workout activities such as running, walking and cycling. For several distances you reached, you will be able to donate several amount of donation from CharityLightss Donors & Sponsors (Government & Private Sectors) to support the causes you concern. The money will be distributed to the targeted communities via CharityLights Non-Profit partners across the region. Beside develop APIs and its apps we also have other various programs to promote the use of technology benefitting humanity through our programs such as: CharityLights Marathon Event, this program aims to promote Phiruntrophy apps. Workshop When Tech Matter in some major cities in Indonesia, this workshop aims to promote the spirit of using technology for good. Hacks For Tomorrow, a developer competition to build apps using CharityLights API. CharityLights is currently registered as Indonesian based non-profit organization named Pelita Cakrawala Inspirasi Foundation.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Were happy to see some of the notable achievements that we already received in the early establishment of our foundation including: 1. Winner of Indonesian Young Changemakers Summit Grant Competition 2014, through this achievement we were able to secure our first funding to help us to kick start the early development of the CharityLights initiave. 2. Recognized as Microsoft ImagineCup Indonesia Semi Finalist 2014 3. Collaborating with Telkom University Olympiad in ColorRun Event, it was participated by 600 hundreds participants who help us to pilot-test Phiruntrophy apps. Amidst of those notable achievements, some of the impact that we wish to deliver along 2014 are: 1.Non-Profit Engagement: Reach at least 20 non-profit/CSO in 5 categories: Education, Environment, Youth & Children, Health and Gender to help us distributing the donation to the targeted communities. 2. Total Donation Distributing at least USD 20000 from donor to the beneficiaries 3. CharityLights Marathon Event (Using Phiruntrophy apps) The minimum target of CharityRun is 1000 participants. This makes the donation target for the CharityRun is USD 10000 4. Phiruntrophy Users: Along 2014 we target 1000 Phiruntrophy users 5. Hacks For Tomorrow: 15 new apps integrated with CharityLights API 6. Online Supporters & Promotions: 3000 Facebook page likes 3000 Twitter Followers

Sustainability and future plans

Apart from depending from our donors & sponsors, we believe that we will need a solid social business model to keep CharityLights alive and self-reliant. CharityLights is the new marketing platform for brands & companies to increase their values to be such an entity who impact the planet. CharityLights provide marketing spotlights inside the apps in the form of: This cause (name_of_cause) is supported by (name_of_company) . This way we will be able to charge them for advertising cost as our revenue model. Another Business model plan is by conducting Marathon Event and save the 10% of sponsors fund to support CharityLights operational cost. Here is the case study: A company/brand will sponsor USD 15000 to a Marathon event conducted by CharityLights. Assuming that the number of participants is 1000 and their average running distance is 10 KM. Phiruntrophy will convert every obtained KM to a donation of 1 USD, - Donation Total: 1000 people x 10 KM x 1 USD = USD 10000,- - Event allocation cost = USD 4000 - We can get 10% (USD 1000) from their total donation to be our operational cost. What if CharityLights runs out money? To control the spending of donation through our apps, CharityLights API limits the amount of donation for every user in a certain period of time. And if CharityLights really runs out of money, the users record will remain stored in the system and the fund will be distributed when the funding stock filled up again. Beside above business models, other business unit will be prepared to support the foundation and CharityLights financially.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Gigih, 23 years old, found his true calling in the intersection amongst technology, entrepreneurship and social initiative. He has involved in various web & mobile application development project in both technical & leadership capacity along with his deep involvement in notable youth movements & social initiatives. He co-founded CharityLights & Pelita Cakrawala Inspirasi Foundations with his amazing peers as their intention to make charity to be part of everyones lifestyle. They believe that more key players should work together making the world a better place through the use of technology benefitting humanity. Gigih currently serves as the President in Indonesian Future Leaders Bandung Chapter and Associate Director in Youth Parliament Indonesia. He has also helped some notable institutions such as Presidents Delivery Unit of Development & Monitoring Oversight (UKP4) and National Board For The Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers in their ICT project. Some of his recognitions include: STEP Temaseks Sunburst Eagles Scholar, APEC Voices of The Future, Open Government Partnership Youth, Imagine Cup Semifinalits, Indigo Fellowship finalist, Indonesian ICT Awards finalist, amongst others. More about Gigih:

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