STARTIC, the ethnic Trashion

Published on July 4, 2014 um 14:45

Name of Enterprise

AV Peduli


Jemursari 4 No. 5
60237 Surabaya

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Type of Enterprise

registered company

Enterprise has a positive impact on

environment, poverty reduction , elderly , cultural diversity, empowerment of women, youth

Year the enterprise was founded


Summary of your enterprise

STARTIC stands for Story Art with Impacts. This brand development aims to develop creative industry through waste management and sustainable society empowerment. We offer trashion products by upcycling unused sack of cement and unused packaging wrap. The core value is do the BEST: -Benefits for multi-aspects: This upcycled product is a part of social green business that gives real impacts for profit, people, and planet -Exclusive handmade designs: There is a combination of leather from meat-butcher and Indonesian ethnic textiles, such as Batik, Songket, etc. to provide unique differentiation. -Society Empowerment: The production process empowers marginal people through our sustainable training to open new ventures for their prosperity. They could earn wage as well as profit-sharing -Trash Management: Waste being upcycled here is only waste which is hard to be reduced. Through the creativities, we would like to make customers proud of wearing products made out of waste. Our social enterprise firstly founded in 2010 with various innovation products offered, starting from liquid organic compost, bricks from plastic waste, and other recycled products. But then, in the end of 2013, we decided to more focus on fashion industry through STARTIC branding. We see the market prospect in fashion will be able to give better side income for marginal people, including socializing green lifestyle in daily lives. The breakthrough of our enterprise is the potential of introducing upcycled products as the trendsetter in mainstream fashion, since our products wont be easily known made out of waste. Even better, we optimize youth-community chain as the integrated marketing communication. We encourage youth as the role model of this green product. We also maximize networks across youth-communities to be our representative in their respective areas. Furthermore the upcycled products which were hard to sell are now available on well-known stores through our creativities.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Our former survey in 3 sub-districts revealed, the average sales of upcycled products from non-organic waste was slightly IDR 0 before our training program. Consumers were ahamed of buying products easily known from waste. Thus we empower them with additional creativities and designs. This is really impactful since then the quality of our upcycled products with its unique combination has been accepted in well-known souvenir centers as well as has been exposed in national and international media. This finally results in the increasing side income of our empowered people by 110% of their routine income. Even better, 7 people being empowered in 2014 already have the ability to empower more through our Trashion WorkshoW event, the public training in malls to raise peoples awareness on the beauty of upcycled products. The sales has increased significantly, reaching almost IDR 1,000,000 (USD 83.37) only in 1 hour exhibition during Women International Club Surabaya Gathering, and coming back with repeat order. Moreover, we have got 1,500 pieces order for wedding in the end of this year. Currently we have developed partnership with 2 waste banks, 4 schools, and some small street-shops to manage their waste and help the marketing access. This project has won 2nd prize of ITS Social Technopreneurship Challenge (ISTEC) 2014 last May that connects us with wider network for coaching and sales support. We can see the critical key performance indicators here, including the acceptance of product quality from market/stores, the sales quantity, the channels system of waste collection, the numbers of people being empowered, including the income for those empowered people. We always try to improve each of this in order to achieve the sustainable development for planet (reducing waste), people (society empowerment), and profit (creative industry).

Sustainability and future plans

The unique differentiation of our fashionable upcycled products results in the high market value being accepted by consumers. This makes us able to build sustainability for our social business while doing more empowerment for marginal people: not only training additional soft-skills, but also giving them wage for every product being produced successfully as well as profit-sharing for every product being sold. This is illustration for wallet from unused sack of cement (yet excluding the expense for Waste Bank, training, and others). We give IDR 40,000 (USD 3.33) per person per wallet produced. Since we are able to sell this up to IDR 125,000 (USD 10.42), the profit is up to USD 5. The average of production capacity for 1 person is up to 20 wallets monthly (while producing other products simultaneously). Thus the profit sharing only from 1 product reaches USD 100 which goes to our empowered people as well as our development for social activities. At first, we do the fundraising by using our capital, selling our own recycled products made out of waste (without involving society as the producer), joining in grant competitions, and cooperating with sponsors. But as the time goes by, we are now able to empower society, even better giving them profit-sharing for their additional income. This creative industry has more positive appreciation from international market. We are proud that in 2014, the quality of our upcycled products has been accepted by famous souvenir stores in Surabaya and Bali (will pitch to more stores). The Indonesian Ministry of Trade also has supported our products in East Java Showroom with exhibition opportunities abroad. We also approach event organizers to use our small upcycled products as merchandise. Currently we try to make SOP for having national representatives, not only for sales but also for production with society empowerment.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Vania is a 22 y.o. Youth Advisory Panel of United Nations Population Funds. She studies management in Universitas Airlangga to support her passion on environment. She has been actively catalyzed green actions and developed Ecopreneurship Empowerment project since 2005, until now providing social business which gains side income and multi-benefits for people. Hermawan Kartajaya, President of Worlds Marketing Association awarded Vania as W.O.M.E.N Champion, representing O as Optimist Marketer because of her consistent efforts in innovative waste management with sense of art and scientific researches. Thus, she is often invited as speaker in national and international events to share experiences, such as in 11th International Scientific Conference in London by Indonesian Embassy,Green Jobs in Asia - Regional Conference by International Labor Organization, TUNZA International Youth Conference in Germany by UNEP, etc. Due to Vanias prolonged campaigns for global business and sustainable development, Ministry of Education selected Vania as One Young World Ambassador 2012 in Pittsburgh USA. She maximizes her opportunities attending events abroad while expanding partnership for export access to improve Ecopreneurs quality of life. As a public figure, Vania inspires people continuously through the media publication, such as being covered in Asians of the Year of Channel News Asia TV Singapore, Apa Kabar Indonesia Pagi TV One, Permata Bangsaku Metro TV, etc. Through her Multi-level-mentoring initiative, Vania as the CEO of environmental club AV Peduli has built mutualism synergy of youth and elderly for sustainable educative workshops. Even, her entertainment background supports her unique campaigns to attractively raise peoples awareness, like Eco-Fashion, environmental VCD songs, etc. As an appreciation for her real contributions for society, the Indonesian President awarded her Satyalencana Wirakarya, a national prestigious award wherein mostly recipients are only elderly. This makes her believe and able to motivate, that youth is the true agent of positive changes.

Fashionable upcycled products

Public figures endorsement, including from Indonesian General Director of ASEAN Cooperation I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja

Society Empowerment, especially for those in Productive Ages

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