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Name of Enterprise

Project PINK BLUE - Health & Psychological Trust Centre (HPTC)


Project PINK BLUE, Djibouti Crescent, Off Ademola Adetokunbo, Wuse 2, Abuja P,O.Box 14819
900001 Abuja

Your title/position

Founder/Project Director

Type of Enterprise

nonprofit organization

Enterprise has a positive impact on

health, empowerment of women

Year the enterprise was founded


Summary of your enterprise

Project PINK BLUE is a youth-led cancer initiative aimed at phasing out late/advance diagnosis of cancer in Nigeria, providing the following free innovative services: 1. INSPIRATIONAL STORIES INSPIRATIONAL CHANGE FOR CANCER SURVIVORS (ISIC 4 CS): we visit cancer patients and share inspiring stories of hope, motivation and recovery with them on their hospital beds and after survival to give them hope. The fear that all cancers spread to the brain and in some cases spread to other parts of the body weakens the faith and hope of many Nigerians who have been diagnosed of cancer. Hence, our focus is to dissuade negative thoughts and poor emotional stability. 2. Cancer Survivors Series (CSS): Currently, there is no organized available African or Nigerian cancer survivor documentary and media/educational contents in Nigeria. There is also no African or Nigerian song or music on cancer in Nigeria. In medical missions and outreaches, most documentaries/educational contents and songs used are European and American based, most times, the women do not really understand the foreign accent and this usually cause misconception and a wrong perception that cancer is white peoples disease. We want to dissuade that wrong misconception with our Cancer Survivors Radio & TV Series which features collections of true-life stories of cancer survivors in the form of documentaries and live shows, sharing their stories of hope and scientists exploring and researching for remedies for the disease. 3. Nigerias First Cause Marketing & Financial Aids Project: linking cancer patients, survivors and caregivers with financial opportunities to help them care, medical bills, economic empowerment and stay-out work challenges. A. Nigerias first Online Cause Marketing B. Nigerias first Off-line Cause Marketing 4. Abuja Cancer Diary 5. Medical Missions with Mobile Cancer Screening Facility

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Result Statement 1. Since, September 2013, 568 women have benefitted from our impact. 2. By February 2015 we aim to change the way women think about cancer. 3. Thirty seven (37) women will be employed to work as good will ambassadors in the 36 states of the nation and Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. These women will be empowered to work with their local communities to raise awareness and champion cause marketing in their various states in 2015/2016. 4. In 2016/2017 one hundred and eleven (111) women will be employed as goodwill ambassadors. 5. By December 2015 we are committed to conduct a scientific research that will provide a non-hair removal chemotherapeutic medicine by Nigerian young medical team for the globe. 6. By 2016 we hope to champion studies to proffer answers to questions, provide solutions to cancer medical challenges .

Sustainability and future plans

Sustainability Plan Project PINK BLUE Nigeria's first online cause marketing will help us gain financial sustainability. Long-term Impact 1. In the next five years we aim to scale up the number of people we reach from 500 to 50,000 a year. We want to provide women with quality health care and support. Short-term Impact 1. By January 2016 we will have a sustainable financial donation chain and links with health centres to help women. 2. By January 2016 we are passionate to reach out to over 50,000 women. 3. By January 2016 we will have a financial sustainable platform that will continue to support and help women. 4. By January 2016 thirty seven (37) women will be empowered in their various states to empower other women through our snowball approach. 5. By January 2016 over 50 million women will be impacted indirectly with our Cancer Survivors Series(CSS).

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Runcie C.W. Chidebe, 28, he is the Project Director and Founder of Project PINK BLUE, a youth led nonprofit on cancer support, research and wellbeing of cancer survivors. He is a cancer control advocate, social worker and psychologist. He holds a degree in Psychology/Sociology & Anthropology where he emerged the Best Graduating Student in the Department of Psychology 2011/2012; he also holds a diploma in Social Work and Community Development with Distinctions in 2006/2007, all from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He worked with the BBC Media Action as Script Supervisor on a TV series on AIDS in Africa; Producer for the Global People Project, a Brockwell documentary on happiness on Africa, AIESEC Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) intern to Cape Coast for community work; Programme Coordinator, The Incorruptibles, an anti-corruption media content; National Winner, Scenarios Africa for HIV/AIDS 2007 and Winner, Mr. Values Nigeria 2008. With his resilience and passion, he led Project PINK BLUE to won the Global Shapers Community Abuja I AM BOLD Competition, Shape Africa 2014.

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