Ekomuro H2O+ Collecting Rainwater In Used PET Containers

Published on July 5, 2014 um 17:52

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Ekomuro H2O+ Family Group


DIAGONAL 3 N° 73 B 50 (051) 3115587433

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Executive Director

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other: Family Group

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environment, education , health, sustainable trade, youth

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The basic needs of urban settlements on the outskirts of our cities, with characteristics of territoriality as "urban government housing projects", manifest it in a more relevant way by lack of water service. In this context and based on appropriate technology and environmental education from reuse of three-liters Pet container, a simple and innovative proposal and with a culture reference in communities, the Ekomuro h2o + project aims to create a change of attitude on harvesting rainwater as a strategic natural resource for urban sustainability, risk reduction and building capacity of resilience, which will result in vulnerabilities reduction and will constitute a mechanism of adaptation to climate change and water conservation. It is common in our rural areas that homes have a system for rain water storing; however, in our urban space limitations, it makes necessary to propose a system of "vertical water tank" that fulfills this function. The Ekomuro is made by itself and is designed in a modular way, taking up minimal space, made of nine towers of six three-liter bottles each and connected to a PVC base. The project begins at public schools as a teaching proposal on the proper use of solid waste and the use of a natural resource.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Appropriate Technology and Environmental Education, became complementary actions that generated a change of attitude in the community on the use of natural resources. "Water is essential to health and human welfare, and the preservation of the environment". The actions, ideas and initiatives as an individual or collective are welcome anywhere in the world to contribute to this purpose. Our generation of students begins to have awareness of the importance of preserving water resources, and where the use of rainwater, manifests as a valid alternative to address these challenges. Ekomuro H2O + is totally innovative, it tends to generate an environmental improvement, since it brings together concepts of recycling and water harvesting culture. The local and international achievements in four years of project development, constitute the "credentials" to be recognized as an environmentally sustainable alternative: Finalists on Google Science Fair 2012, Nomination on Science In Action by Scientific American, Winners on Eco-Challenge Pepsico-OAS, Finalists on Bayer Young Environmental Envoy; Honorable Mention from Youth Water Protectors - Pavco Mexichem and candidates for 'Water for Life' UN-Water Best Practices Award 2014.

Sustainability and future plans

PEPSICO LATIN AMERICA: At the request of the Pepsico Latin America Sustainability Management, we are implementing a pilot project in Colombia; the Ekomuro h2o + group with a social responsibility focus, formulated the "Implementation Project Ekomuro H2O+ Collecting Rainwater in Used PET Containers in Urban Poverty" whose budget includes materials and supplies, strategic and logistical support, systems equipment and installation in housing at Comuna 4 Cazuca Altos of Bogota DC.

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In my educational training processes, I shared initiatives, tips and advices from my parents to actively participate in the environmental committees at schools. This process has allowed me to make good environmental practices that have produced satisfactory results. With these arguments and on sustainability focus, based on environmental education and proper tecnology, I have been leading a comprehensive environmental proposal for dissemination and implementation of clean progressive technologies, making use of solar thermal energy systems and rainwater collection systems in schools and homes. These projects have allowed me to participate at national and international level events with recognized achievements that have allowed me to convey a message of awareness about the importance of using natural resources and good use of recycling, their impacts on climate change adaptation and their contributions to sustainability. Our environmental initiative has been finalist on Google Science Fair 2012 with a Nomination on Science In Action Award by Scientific American. As a student of Environmental Engineering of the Universidad Distrital I was Winner- Finalist on Eco Challenge 2013 Pepsico and OAS, locally I was Finalist on Bayer Young Environmental Envoy 2013, and I had a Honorable Mention from Youth Water Protectors - Pavco Mexichem, achievement that made us be candidates for 'Water for Life' UN-Water Best Practices Award 2014. Assuming a commitment to social responsibility, I'm leading a pilot project about the implementation of Ekomuros h2o + in areas of urban poverty at Comuna 4 Altos de Cazuca in the city of Bogota DC. Project that has developed in the first phase with economic funds obtained from the Eco Challenge Pepsico award.

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OAS Secretary JOse Miguel Insulza

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July 10, 2014 02:06

The field of social responsibility, access to environmentally innovative initiatives in communities of urban poverty areas and find out that they are willing to accept them in order to improve their vulnerability condition, when we consider them as participant actors in behavioral urban changes, transforming social realities and improving their quality of life.

the EkOMURO H2O + need to be implemented in each house of our regions.

July 7, 2014 19:15

hi please you can now vote for my project on this link: https://www.entrepreneurship-campus.org/groups/entrepreneurship-competition-2013/contests/1/1441

July 6, 2014 17:30
July 6, 2014 07:17

Great Idea :)
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